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Your Guide to the 2024 Webinars

2024 webinars - WeddingPro

Welcome to WeddingPro’s 2024 catalog of webinars! As we continue to navigate the dynamic wedding industry, we’re excited to offer a comprehensive lineup of webinars this year that are designed to help pros like you thrive. 

And while there’s more exciting things to come, if you’ve missed any of our previous webinars this year, don’t worry—we have you covered!

Below you’ll find all of WeddingPro’s webinars so far in 2024. Whether you’re looking to enhance your marketing strategies, understand the latest trends, or improve your sales processes, we have something for everyone. 

So keep scrolling to learn what each webinar is about and get links to watch the replays.

Plus, don’t forget to check out our previous webinars from 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 for additional insights. 

Now, let’s explore what 2024 has in store for you!

Social Media and Content Creation Webinars

Maximizing Impact: Content Creation & Distribution for Social Media

Tired of scrambling for social media content? We hear you! Join us for a content creation session with WeddingPro educator Andrea Eppolito, who will guide you on how to streamline your social media management and say goodbye to last-minute posting and feeling lost for inspiration. With nearly 80% of engaged couples following their wedding vendors on social media, now is the time to level up your strategy!

In this session, you’ll learn to:

  • Craft a content calendar that attracts and converts your ideal clients
  • Schedule 30 days of engaging content in under 90 minutes (yes, seriously!)
  • Create a killer content distribution chart that boosts your reach and visibility
  • Increase your engagement and build meaningful relationships with your audience

Watch the replay

How to Leverage AI for Content Creation

Ready to unlock the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to elevate your business and save yourself some time? Join WeddingPro educator Andrea Eppolito in a follow-up session that explores how AI can streamline your social media management. In this hands-on session, we’ll explore how AI can be your secret weapon in staying ahead of the competition and freeing up valuable time to devote to your couples on their journey towards their big day! 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Utilize AI tools to create engaging content efficiently
  • Save time and focus more on your clients

Watch the replay

Marketing and SEO Webinars

SEO Made Easy: A Masterclass for Wedding Pros

With over 3.5 billion searches on Google every day, how do you make sure you’re found when your ideal client searches for what you do? The good news is that SEO may seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! You just need to learn what search engines are looking for. Join us as we break down the essentials of SEO and guide you on how to use it to your advantage to get those first-page results you desire.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How relevant and helpful content boosts your Google ranking
  • The secret to using keywords effectively
  • The importance of a user-friendly, visually appealing website
  • How your listings on The Knot and WeddingWire build your online authority

Watch the replay

SEO 2.0: Your SEO Questions Answered

As a pro, you understand the importance of being discovered by couples planning their special day. With millions of searches happening daily, you want to make sure you show up!  In this follow-up session, wedding SEO specialist Sara Dunn answers pros’ burning questions and conducts audits of real wedding industry websites!

This session will cover:

  • What Google looks for on your website
  • Tips to improve your search ranking
  • Industry website audits

Watch the replay

Industry Trends and Insights Webinars

2024 Wedding Trend Report Unveiled

A new year means new trends! And we’ve got the inside scoop from our editors and engaged couples on the biggest trends to know about in 2024. Whether you’re a venue, wedding planner, designer, florist, photographer, or rental company, we’ll help you get ahead of the curve with these thought starters. 

We’ll cover:

  • The decor, styles and thematic elements expected in 2024
  • Tips for coaching couples on how to navigate overwhelming options
  • Insights on how couples are making each aspect of their wedding unique
  • How to leverage these trends to attract more clients

Watch the replay

Real Weddings Study: What Pros Need to Know About Couples

Get the latest need-to-know insights from The Knot Real Weddings Study with Emily Hightower, Market Insights Manager at The Knot Worldwide. We know that every year is an important year for your wedding business, and while we can’t run it for you, we can make things a bit easier by sharing the industry’s ultimate survey with you as part of this exclusive webinar. 

After 16 years of running this survey, we are no strangers to the power that knowledge holds, and we want you to have as much as you can get your hands on. This year, we talked to nearly 10,000 recently married couples to gather actionable insights that will help you position your wedding business as one that knows exactly what couples need. 

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Who today’s engaged couples are and how to market to them
  • Preparing your business for Gen Z
  • Emerging trends and enduring favorites
  • Tips to better serve your couples in 2024

Watch the replay here

Real Weddings Study: What Venues Need to Know About Couples

Calling all venue owners! Join Emily Hightower for an in-depth look at the 2024 Venue Selection Study. Understand what couples are looking for in a venue and how to position your business to meet their needs.

This session will cover:

  • Key insights into the venue preferences of engaged couples
  • Marketing strategies for Gen Z
  • Trends in venue selection
  • How to attract and retain couples

Watch the replay

Sales and Client Conversion Webinars

From Clicks to Clients: Mastering the Wedding Sales Game

Tired of chasing leads that never convert? This session will equip you with the strategies and confidence to optimize your sales process and turn those clicks into bookings!

You’ll learn to:

  • Craft an irresistible sales funnel
  • Master the art of the wedding sale
  • Elevate your client experience for lasting relationships

Watch the replay

Leads Not Converting? Here’s Why

If you’re like most wedding pros, keeping up with your inquiries is a full-time job. Since the first few messages you send to potential clients can make the difference between earning their booking or never hearing from them again, it can feel like the pressure is on to send the perfect response. Learn how to put your best foot forward in your responses with Alan Berg, so you can take advantage of the leads you’re already getting and achieve greater conversion. 

You’ll learn:

  • 3 proven ways to stop getting ghosted and instead start a two-way conversation
  • How to craft attention-grabbing lead reply messages 
  • Tips for handling price inquiries
  • Tactics to convert more inquiries to bookings using strategic responses

Watch the replay 

Where’s the Friction in Your Venue Sales Process?

As a customer, it’s easy to see where companies make it hard for us to do business with them. Can you see where your venue is making it difficult for your clients, couples and customers? Do you know how you may be chasing away good prospects because of extra steps or friction? This webinar will help you see how your customer experience may be hurting you, rather than helping.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • 5 ways you’re creating friction in your venue sales process
  • 3 ways you’re creating friction on your venue’s website
  • Friction reduction tips every venue can use

Watch the replay

With a diverse range of topics and expert insights, our 2024 webinars were designed to give you the knowledge and tools needed to succeed this year. Don’t miss out on these invaluable sessions—watch the replays and start transforming your business today!

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