Increase Bookings with Upfront Pricing

Our new guide is here! It’s got the inside scoop on how couples use pricing to find and select vendors, why being transparent is so important, how to educate couples on pricing and more.

Pricing—it’s a topic that is simultaneously at the top of every wedding business owner’s mind and something that pros seem to dread talking about. And we get it; pricing is a complex part of your business strategy that can’t always be summed up in one solid figure. Plus, when you add the extra layer of setting cost and pricing expectations with couples, it can feel like you’re having the same difficult conversation over and over again.

But, there is a way that you could both reduce the chance of having these same pricing conversations and increase the quality of inquiries you receive. Sounds too good to be true, right? Luckily, it’s much easier to be matched with the right couples than you may think: it’s all about being upfront with your pricing.

Did that one statement just make you think: “sharing my pricing means couples will just compare my rates to others and rule me out” or “I don’t want to share my pricing with couples until I have the opportunity to educate them on what that price entails”?  We totally get it.

In this guide, we’ll share why it’s important for couples to see your pricing up front, all the benefits that arise once you’ve given couples a small peek behind the curtain, and we’ll provide tips on how to continue educating couples when it comes to what things cost. 

Why having upfront pricing is important

First, we’ll be real: It’s incredibly important to be transparent and upfront about pricing because it’s one of the first things couples look for before they hit send on an inquiry to you. (They told us.) And that’s just like the rest of us—when we’re the customer, we look for pricing before reaching out to a business.

When we say to be transparent about your pricing, we aren’t suggesting that you give couples access to the inner workings of your business. Instead, you want to at least give an idea of your pricing through a baseline figure or range to set expectations and start to educate the couple about what things actually cost when it comes to weddings. Just think, if every pro was more upfront with their pricing, especially on advertising platforms like The Knot and WeddingWire, we could really move the needle on couples’ understanding of what budget is required for the wedding they want.

Couples and pricing: five things to consider

This advice may read as logical, but maybe you’re still hesitant because there are many layers to pricing. So don’t take it from us—take it from the couples who tell us what they’re looking for in surveys year after year.

Any great sales person will tell you, keeping couples’ perspectives (aka these stats!) in mind as you’re discussing pricing is key to winning their business.

So, what does all of this mean? Displaying your pricing upfront is key to being matched with the right couples that are a fit for your business, while helping to-be-weds set budget expectations. You’re also highlighting the value of your services.

Ready to get started (if you’re not already sharing your pricing)? We’ve got you!

How and where to display your pricing

Ultimately, the way you display your pricing is up to you. Make sure you’re giving couples the most up-to-date information so they can get an idea if your services are a budget match for them. Below are some tips to keep in mind based on what couples have told us they like to see.

  1. Consider a price range: Couples prefer ranges to confirm ballpark estimates as they are researching pros that will make their shortlist.6 For example, sharing a low-end vs high-end range in combination with other pricing details (like added services) will help couples get a good sense right off the bat if you’re within their budget.
  2. Give context to your packages: If you use packages to showcase your services, be sure to include a detailed description of what couples can expect from each one, their prices and whether there are a la carte upgrade options available to them.
  3. Lay out any fees attached to your services: Couples want to understand everything they’ll be charged for, so disclose any fees in an effort to be fully transparent.

Pro Tip

Just because a couple has a budget range in mind, doesn’t mean you don’t have the opportunity to upsell them on the product or experience that’s really important to them. In fact, 54% of couples go over the budget they originally set.7 So make sure you’re really listening to what’s important to them and use that to sell the experience they can expect with your business.

How to educate couples on your prices

Once you’ve been upfront with your pricing and gotten that inquiry in your inbox, it’s time to start the phase of couple education. As you’re talking with couples, it’s important to remember that they are looking to you as the expert on your business (and the wedding industry). We know talking about money can be uncomfortable, but lean into your expertise and experience—it’s key to remaining confident in your business model and pricing structure. Asking about price is a buying signal. It doesn’t mean it’s the only thing they care about.

How to answer “How much does it cost?”

Couples typically start with pricing questions because, for most, it’s also their first time planning a wedding and they may not know where to start. Keep in mind, they haven’t shopped for services like yours before. Sure, they’re trying to make a budget work, but as you saw above, many end up going over their budgets because they find that the results they want cost more than they originally budgeted. As you’re having your initial conversations with couples, ask them questions that will help you determine and share accurate pricing.

For example, if you’ve received a question about narrowing down your price range to give a couple a more solid figure, you can reply back with something like this:


Thanks for your message! There are a lot of factors that go into our pricing, so we’ll need to know a few more details before we can determine an accurate price.

What date are you looking at for your wedding?

Approximately how many guests are you expecting?

Asking them these low-lift questions will help you keep their attention and start to show where their priorities lie so you can give them a more accurate figure later down the line.

Pro Tip

If you’re using The Knot and WeddingWire to connect with couples, use the information attached to leads—like wedding style or their location—to keep the conversation going! Something like, “I saw you love wildflowers, what’s your favorite?”

Be able to explain the why behind your pricing

When it comes to explaining the “why” behind your pricing, you want to approach it from the couple’s point of view—finding out and honing in on what’s important to them, as budgets go to people’s priorities. Make your pricing about them, and the things they value. You get to set your prices, and couples get to determine the value they see in getting your results and experiences.

If you receive pushback on your pricing, be upfront about the factors that helped determine your current prices. This can be especially helpful if you’re being compared to another pro, or if the couple got wind of your past pricing. Here’s an example of how to reply:


Thanks for your question! My pricing is based on a number of factors, like materials costs, my experience and my availability. I also ensure my prices are in line with market conditions and standards.

What is your top priority when choosing your {TYPE OF SERVICE}?

This will help couples start to think about everything that goes into your pricing and give you a chance to learn more about the details that really matter to them.

Ever been asked for a discount? That can actually be a great buying signal. People don’t tend to ask for discounts unless it’s something they already want to buy. Asking is just a confirmation that they are getting the best price. There’s no one right answer on what to do when it happens as it differs for every business.

If you discount your price without getting anything back in value, you’ve given away profit. So, before you lower your price, consider the other options that benefit both you and the couple. Can you divide what would normally be 2 payments into 3 or 4? Can you add value to your package with additional time, gifts, bonuses—anything that adds perceived value? Ultimately, don’t be afraid to politely decline. This is your business and you know how to make the numbers work.

Pro Tip

Did someone ask for a discount? Consider your options. Can you divide the payment structure? Add additional time? A free engagement shoot? Whatever it is, feel free to do what makes sense for you or politely decline.

Showcase the value of your work

Pricing isn’t just about the financial aspects of your business—the price you set should also take the value of your services into account. As we said above, you set the price, the customer determines the value. If people are already paying your prices, they’re seeing the value. Make sure you talk to them, about them and the results of choosing you. As you gain experience, upgrade your equipment, win awards and attain more education, the results of getting your services will get better and their perceived value will increase. So, make sure that it’s accurately reflected in your pricing.

Be prepared to lay out the value of your services to any couples who may question the pricing behind them. And make sure to list why that should matter to the couple. For example, getting a “ceremony sound system” from your DJ is a service. The value is so that “your guests will be able to hear every word of your vows.”

Here’s an example message you can send if you’re asked about your package prices.


I’m happy to go over what is included in the package you’re interested in. My services include:


For each of my clients, I value investing in premium materials, like [INSERT SHORT LIST OF MATERIALS IF APPLICABLE], and dedicating time into hiring and retaining top talent to ensure that all of my couples see their wedding day vision come to life.

OR for a solopreneur:

For each of my clients, I value investing in premium materials, like [INSERT SHORT LIST OF MATERIALS IF APPLICABLE], and dedicating time into continued learning and honing my craft to ensure that all of my couples see their wedding day vision come to life.

Do you have a date in mind for your wedding?

In this response, you’ve transparently laid out what’s included in your package while also highlighting the value that couples will receive by working with you. This will help you sell your services to couples more effectively.

Pro Tip

Even though it could be tempting to include additional attachments or links that overview the value of your services here, don’t distract them with things to read and sites to visit. Continue the conversation that their inquiry has started. You want them to stay focused on messaging you back and not going down the information review rabbit hole.

Want more pricing email templates? Check out our blog!

Putting it all together

Displaying your pricing upfront is a great first step to attracting more of the couples that are a right match for your services.  Sharing your prices upfront can help you give couples what they need to feel confident that your business is the right fit. And, with the right information and education, you’ll be in a great position to optimize your sales potential and fill your calendar.

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