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What the COVID Delta Variant Might Mean for Weddings

The Delta Variant and Weddings Kate Kultsevych/

COVID-19 regulations and guidelines are changing rapidly, and vary by location. Before putting your safety plan and precautions into place, make sure you check the federal, state and local regulations applicable at the time of your event.

We get it. Your calendar is slammed, your inbox is full, and you’re functioning on less than the ideal amount of sleep in order to get it all done. After the year we’ve all had, it’s a price you’ll gladly pay to get back to doing what you love—creating amazing celebrations for couples who love your work. But then the worry hits. Will you hear the dreaded d-word from your couples? Delta Variant. 


How Couples are Thinking About the COVID Delta Variant

This week we surveyed more than 1,400 couples to understand their thinking. The good news is that couples are focused on moving forward with planning their weddings. And with the availability of the vaccine, widespread testing and couples following CDC and local guidance, the wedding industry is better equipped to face this current wave. The best part? You’re already in the know on exactly what you need to do to create a safe event for you, your team, couples and guests. 

Here’s what you need to know:

The Knot Worldwide Delta Variant Stats

  • The majority of couples (96%) with fall weddings remain confident their wedding will take place when it’s currently planned. 
  • Nearly half of couples are feeling more concern about the potential impact of the new Delta variant than they did earlier this summer, however the majority are not proactively making any changes to their wedding.
  • The majority of couples will only make changes if required by local/state government (52%) or are waiting to see how things play out (28%). For the 18% that are proactively making change, these are related to adding health and safety measures, including requiring guests to be vaccinated, provide a negative test and/or wear a face mask.


How to Prepare for Questions from Your Couples

If you’re in a location where couples are starting to ask, here’s what you can do:

  • Be proactive about ideas for event safety. Whether it’s requiring your staff to mask, moving elements of the event outdoors, or making sure there’s plenty of hand sanitizer available for guests, these small steps go a long way in making your couples comfortable.
  • Worried about guests not being able to attend? Help your couples understand what is possible when it comes to live streaming parts of the wedding.
  • Stay on top of local guidelines and restrictions. If you can show your couples that you are in the know, they will come to you to understand what changes may or may not be required of them.
  • Does your couple want to require vaccination or a negative test for attending guests? CrowdPass is a platform that helps track all that information.


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