From designing events all over the wedding to advocating for the wedding industry, the wedding pros who serve high-end clients certainly lead interesting lives. Follow any of them on Instagram and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about! When you dig a little deeper you find out that the pros who plan the most extravagant events really aren’t all that different from everyone else. That’s especially true when you ask them to take an interview from bed. 

Get ready to snuggle up to our guest, NYC and Miami-based event planner of Daughter of Design, founder of Plannie and author of Learn to Speak Wedding: Flashcards for Beginners, Annie Lee. Annie is not only an award winning event planner and designer producing notable events across the world (The Knot 2012 Gala and the first wedding during the Times Square New Year’s Eve ball drop), but she also is an educator and just launched a global directory of event regulations to create an industry standard for safe events. When she’s not producing personal and unforgettable events you can find her hanging with her cats (Motor and Hemi). Find them on Instagram here!

In this interview (filmed prior to COVID-19), you’ll hear everything from her personal motto, to why you should read The E Myth Revisited and what she’s most scared of happening at a wedding. 

Enjoy the video!