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Do You Know Your Brand Archetypes?


When you think about your branding, what comes to mind? Likely, you just started running through a mental list of logos, patterns, colors, photos, etc. But, did you know that each brand also has a personality and that it is a critical piece to building a strong (and unique) one? They sure do, and if you’re suddenly sweating it because you hadn’t ever thought of it before, not to worry—today we are breaking it down for you! Whether you’re just starting your wedding business and are building a brand from scratch or are established and want to refresh your branding, read on to learn about the 12 brand archetypes and how yours can help you attract more ideal clients.


Where did these brand archetypes come from?

Short of turning this piece into a Psych 101 course, we’ll give you the TL;DR version of where they came from. In short, the brand archetypes were developed by psychologist Carl Jung who studied and pioneered concepts like the collective unconscious. Jung believed that humans use certain unconscious symbols in order to communicate more complex concepts and that those symbols have universal meaning—making them common across all cultures. He developed these archetypes as a way to explain how our collective past influences our present behavior.


What are the 12 brand archetypes?

1. The Innocent – Representing happiness, optimism, safety, and youth, brands within this archetype are honest, simple, and just want everyone to be happy.


2. The Everyman – Representing faithfulness, supportiveness, and being down to earth, brands within this archetype value hard work and practicality; reliability is also important.


3. The Hero – Representing courageousness, boldness, and inspiration, brands within this archetype are not afraid of challenge and will rise to the occasion; they also protect and inspire others.


4. The Rebel – Representing rebellion, change, and revolution, brands within this archetype feel change is good and are not afraid to break or bend the rules.


5. The Explorer – Representing risk-taking, discovery, and new experiences, brands within this archetype are not afraid of uncharted territory or finding new ways of doing things.


6. The Creator – Representing invention as well as building things with meaning and value, brands within this archetype see the world a certain way and want to create it as they envision it; they also value freedom of expression.


7. The Ruler –  Representing responsibility, being organized, and creating order from chaos, brands within this archetype value stability and like to make the rules they have to follow.


8. The Magician – Representing vision, spirituality, and wanting to make dreams a reality, brands within this archetype think anything is possible and are optimistic.


9. The Lover – Representing intimacy, passion, and commitment, brands within this archetype want to inspire close relationships.


10. The Caregiver – Representing compassion, nurturing, generosity, and altruism, brands within this archetype want people to feel secure and are often advocates for others.


11. The Jester –  Representing joy, humor, and irreverence, brands within this archetype want to have fun and think outside of the box.


12. The Sage – Representing wisdom, thoughtfulness, and mentorship, brands within this archetype want to understand the world around them and help others do the same.


Reasons you should know which one(s) you are

Now that you understand what the brand archetypes are and where they came from, you might be curious as to the reason you even need to know this stuff. Well, part of what it takes to build a recognizable and relatable brand is an understanding of what you’re trying to communicate through visuals. And these visuals are the symbols people use to form their impressions and feelings about you. Since Carl Jung’s work around the archetypes was founded on the belief that there are universal meanings attached to some symbols, knowing yours can help your potential clients relate to you as well as understand how you are different from others.


How do I know which one I am?

To help you figure out which ones you identify with and should infuse into your brand strategy, we asked WeddingPro Educator and branding expert, Kaleigh Wiese of Meldeen, for her advice:


The best way to know what your brand archetype is is to think of your most successful event days and what about your approach helped make it great. As you do, know that you can be one archetype or have multiple. For example, I personally identify with Rebel, Ruler and Magician because I feel the most fulfilled in my work when I am able to: seek revolution or share uniqueness in my work that encourages inspiration, take leadership and advise on transformation that creates something positive, and hear the opinions of my clients and making their dreams a reality. 


How to use brand archetypes in your brand strategy

Kaleigh also shared some actionable advice to help you update your brand strategy and use what you’ve just learned in your marketing efforts too!


You may be asking “How do I infuse this into my brand reputation and marketing?” The key is to show (and verbalize) your strengths and passion for what you do in your brand touch points and client journey. Think of your brand archetype as something you want to show and lead with. If you love taking the lead, talk about and show your leadership skills. If you feel the most fulfilled by your work when you’re making your couples’ dreams come true, lead with questions and share your passion about doing that on a wedding day. This can be done within your copy as well as in the imagery you show on your website and Storefronts. When we speak loudly about our true passion in our work, we naturally attract the RIGHT clients because they are looking for someone just like you who can do what you offer.


Now that you’re thinking about your brand’s archetypes and personality, you might also be wondering about how you can make your brand more authentic. Add this article to your reading list to get tips to help you increase your brand’s authenticity.


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