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Wish You Had More Consistent Branding? Start Here.


If you think about the things you have to do and what is hard, having consistent branding might be near the top of your list. Because, when you’re a creative person, you care a lot about how things look (we see you with your on-brand outfits and logo splashed everywhere). But, when you run a business in the wedding industry, you don’t have the luxury of dedicating large amounts of time to designing everything to a T. In fact, there is a good chance you’re not the only one touching your brand because you need to outsource projects or lean on team members to help you get it all done. Add in the fact that each of those people is likely working on a different part of your business and you might start seeing different interpretations of your brand pop up.

This is something a lot of wedding pros experience and the challenge of building a consistent brand across your business (and all of your marketing channels) is just that—a challenge. But, because you care and because we think it’s important, we wanted to talk about the solution to this problem and share advice to help you look at the landscape of your visual brand and feel great about it. Read on for our top tips to help you with brand consistency regardless of which marketing channel you’re on.


What consistent branding can do for you

We know you care about your branding for a lot of reasons but, if you’re someone who might not consider themselves as creative as others, there are still two big reasons you should. The first reason is that a consistent brand helps you look like the consummate professional you are—even before you have the chance to talk to a potential client. Because engaged couples usually start their search for their wedding vendors on the internet (and very often on The Knot and WeddingWire), your brand has the job of giving them a great first impression and building trust. The second thing consistent branding can do for you is set your business apart and build your reputation because it has a point of view and authentic identity. When your brand is inconsistent, it does just the opposite—which can make you look less established and experienced than you actually are.


Where does your brand live?

When you’re wanting your visual brand to be consistent anywhere and everywhere, it’s important that you start by figuring out where exactly your brand is. Take a moment to think about it; is your brand on or in your:

  • Website
  • Storefronts
  • Social media profiles and accounts
  • CRM
  • Marketing and sales docs
  • Client gifts 
  • Client experience
  • Office

Your branding shows up in a lot of places and what makes it hard to show up consistently on them all is the fact that you rarely have full control over them. Sure, it’s easy to hire a graphic designer to create perfectly on brand business cards or proposal templates but it gets harder to use that custom font on your website and it’s impossible to really brand your social media accounts. These constraints and conflicts are the reason it is so important to have a brand strategy that accounts for how you are showing up in all of the places and in a way that creates the most consistent brand you can—you want to always look like you after all.


5 ways to help with brand consistency across your marketing channels

Which brings us back to our original promise of helping you feel confident about how your brand is being displayed. The good news is, there are just a few things you need to prepare and be mindful of:

  • Create a set of brand guidelines; including alternatives (for things like fonts) if necessary because you can’t use yours on the channel
  • Always work with your ideal client avatar in mind
  • Organize all of your brand assets in a central and easy to access location so anyone working on your brand has what they need, when they need it
  • Train your people. Even though you trust the people you hire, you can’t assume that they are going to properly execute your brand (or in a way that is up to your standards). Include a brand meeting as a part of your onboarding process or be sure to schedule meetings with any outside consultants you might hire 
  • Don’t make changes on a whim! You certainly can make revisions and refinements, but you always need to make sure your guidelines, accounts, and people are updated with the new assets and standards


Branding tips for your Storefronts on The Knot and WeddingWire

Even though your Storefronts on The Knot and WeddingWire are not marketing channels you have full control over, there are ways to make sure they are an extension and great representation of your brand. And, since it is often the first place newly engaged couples are discovering you, it is a great place to make sure you’re making the impression you want to get them to inquire. Here are a few simple tips to help you brand your Storefronts: 

  • Choose a profile photo that represents both your brand and ideal client 
  • Upload images that are from the best of your portfolio and are fully in line with the type of couples you want to attract
  • Write a description in your brand voice to keep it consistent with your website and social media captions (just know that our content team might make changes to help with your SEO) 

Ready to build your brand now that it’s consistent? Get expert tips from Terrica Skaggs in this recap of her presentation about balancing and building a brand.


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