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Not Using Calls to Action? Your Sales Copy is Missing a Key Component

Calls to action

Something that makes writing stressful for a lot of people is the pressure of having what you write encourage the reader to take an action (that is the goal of most marketing and sales copy, after all). And while the bulk of what you write is supposed to make someone get closer and closer to booking you for their wedding, a lot of wedding pros make a big mistake—one that can leave potential clients hanging and without a clear understanding of what to do or where to go next. 

Enter the call to action (CTA)

If you’re unsure of what calls to action are, why they are important, and how you can level up your marketing and sales copy with them, read on—the answers and examples you need to write more compelling copy are below. 


What is a call to action?

A call to action (or CTA) is a short and directive piece of copy. And whether you see them on a website button or at the end of a social media caption, they are meant to do one thing—get people to do something. That something might be to fill out a form, give you a call or simply like a new post on Instagram, but regardless of how big or small the action, they are essential to directing people to the things they should read or actions they should take.


Why are CTAs important?

When you invest time (or money) into producing content, you want to make sure it encourages your audience to move further down your marketing funnel. Calls to action will help you do that, and we asked WeddingPro Educator, Alan Berg, to share his thoughts and advice with us. 

CTAs are important because telling someone what to do next and why they should take that action will get more people to do it. Don’t just list contact info, tell them what’s in it for them, and put CTAs all over your website and marketing, not just at the bottom of a page… i.e. “To find out how to have a beautiful, stress-free wedding day, call, text, email or contact us today.” or “To get a price quote, check availability and arrange a tour, call, text, email or contact us today.” or “Have questions, want to see pricing or arrange a meeting? Call, text, email or contact us today!” – Alan Berg


Where you can (and should) use them

Now that you understand more about this important copywriting, sales and marketing tool, you’re probably wondering where you should use them and are looking for examples. So, in an effort to help you make easy changes to your website copy, social media captions and even emails, here are examples of calls to action you can use when you want to encourage couples to do certain things—just be sure to use them sparingly on each page or piece of content since you don’t want to confuse your reader.

When you want someone to visit a specific page of your website, you can use:

    • Let’s meet
    • Get to know us
    • Let’s connect
    • Our story
    • Explore our offerings
    • Browse our services
    • Learn more
    • Explore the experience
    • What to expect
    • This way
    • Read our reviews
    • From our couples

When you want someone to fill out a form, you can use:

    • Reach out
    • Schedule a call
    • Get started
    • Let’s chat
    • Get on our calendar
    • Book a consultation
    • Inquire about your date
    • Schedule a tour
    • Check our availability

When you want someone to read or listen to something, you can use:

    • Read more
    • Tune in
    • Listen

When you want someone to follow you on social media, you can use:

    • Like my Facebook page
    • Follow me on Instagram 

When you want someone to do something on social media, you can use:

    • Visit my Storefront through the link in my profile
    • Read the blog through the link in my bio
    • Double-tap to like
    • Let me know in the comments
    • Swipe right to see more
    • DM me to chat

Pro-tip: Every page of your website should have a CTA on it! You can use them to close out different sections of copy and it is best practice to use one at the end of each page.


Ready to make some changes to your website copy and figure now is a great time to make sure it’s doing what you need? Here are our tips to help you master copywriting 101 and feel confident about everything potential clients are reading.


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