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The Tone Up TL;DR: 8 Takeaways from Our Incredible Speakers


Author: Kate Cheong


From top down selling to how to deal with difficult clients and mastering TikTok, the WeddingPro COR Tone Up speakers shared it all during our 2-day virtual event. 

With the busy season ahead (weddings are back, baby!), we rounded up the top takeaways from the on-demand sessions so that you can watch them again and again to be ready for the big wave of couples! Tune into each session to hear business-building advice from some of the best in the business. Get ready to learn, grow, and tone up your personal and professional skills.

Head on over to the registration page to sign up and get access to the below content from Day 1 and 2 from our June WeddingPro COR Tone Up until 6/30/2021.


Day 1


1. If you … are ready to stop scrolling and start using TikTok for your biz. 

Check out: Not Just for Gen Z: TikTok 101 with José Rolón of José Rolón Events 

Why we love it: José shares his insight on how to create content on the fast-growing platform and sheds light on how to thrive and market your business in this creative space that’s no longer just for Gen Z. 

José’s Pro Tip: “TikTok is not curated and it’s great for behind the scenes. Think about what works for you and then dial that up.”


2. If you … like to geek out on all things color theory.

Check out: Get Graphic: Using Visuals to Attract Your Ideal Client with Kaleigh Wiese of Méldeen & LABEL by Méldeen

Why we love it: Kaleigh lends her expertise on visual branding by sharing psychology-driven techniques to help you tell your brand story through colors, fonts, and imagery.

Kaleigh’s Pro Tip: “A visual brand will grow over time. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Use the knowledge you have today for the clients you have the expectation of working with. As you evolve, you’re going to make small changes and polish over time.”


3. If you … need a sanity check after dealing with some clients. 

Check out: Handling Difficult Clients (Without Losing Your Sanity) with Terrica of Cocktails & Details®, Terrica Inc.

Why we love it: Terrica offers her best advice on handling difficult clients, including how to identify problem clients, troubleshoot, and bounce back when things go south.

Terrica’s Pro Tip: “Set up a guideline for your clients as to how you will work with them and how you’ll work together so they have a really great idea of who’s responsible for what, when they are going to provide it and how to get in touch with you.” 


4. If you … are ready for more dollar dollar bills, y’all!

Check out: Top Down Selling for a Better Bottom Line with Alan Berg, CSP of Wedding Business Solutions LLC

Why we love it: Alan shares insights on the importance of working smarter, not harder during your sales process, including how to leverage top down selling opportunities by increasing your average sale to help boost your bottom line.

Alan’s Pro Tip: “When they want you, they have to pay you and the results that you deliver. When they say they want you and are willing to pay your price…it is your brand.” 



Day 2


5. If you … are working a 9 to 5 (what a way to make a living!)

Check out: The Side Hustle Toolkit: How to Thrive While Managing a 9 to 5 with Jasmine Smith of SMITHCO

Why we love it: Jasmine stresses the importance of setting boundaries with your clients and your team as she reveals tried and true tips on how to better manage a 9 to 5 job while also building your wedding business.

Jasmine’s Pro Tip: “Use your time wisely. It’s the one thing we cannot get back. Be mindful! Figure out times that work for you and honor those times.” 


6. If you … celebrate all love, always. 

Check out: How to Create a Powerful Diversity & Inclusion Statement for Your Business with Kirsten Palladino of Equally Wed and Equally Wed Pro

Why we love it: Kirsten highlights the importance of diversity in business as she guides you through building a rough outline for your website while sharing tips on how to create an inclusive mission statement. 

Kirsten’s Pro Tip: “Remember you are a leader in your community so people are really counting on you to go the distance with inclusivity and diversity. As well as inspire others and take care of the clients you already have.”


7. If you … are ready to press the reset button after COVID-19.

Check out: Healing Starts Here: Processing COVID Trauma with Beth Chapman and Beth Bernstein of Beth Chapman Styling + Consulting and SQN Events

Why we love it: Beth Chapman and Beth Bernstein reveal the importance of prioritizing your mental health through personal stories and experiences to help you get past COVID-19 trauma in order to better serve your clients.

Beth C’s Pro Tip: “We need to learn how to adapt vs react. And how can we change the way we react to situations.”

Beth B’s Pro Tip: “2020 gave us the opportunity to reevaluate our business and what we want to focus on.”


8. If you … like making smart money moves. 

Check out: The CFO Mindset: How to Think Like a Money Master with Michelle Loretta of Be Sage Consulting

Why we love it: Michelle helps you embrace your inner CFO as she guides you through how to strategically handle financial information and numbers so you can make the best decisions for your business.

Michelle’s Pro Tip: “As the CFO, you need to have an understanding of the three [money systems] so that you can make stronger decisions for your business.”


Access all WeddingPro COR June Tone Up content on-demand until June 30! Want more like this? Grab your tickets ASAP to join us IRL at WeddingPro COR in New York City, November 2-3, 2021.


Photo credit: ColorJoy Stock

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