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Questions (And Answers!) from Our Round Up Reviews During COVID-19 Webinar


We recently shared seven takeaways from our webinar on how to round up reviews during COVID-19. Now we are answering even more of your questions from that webinar with planner and WeddingPro Educator Desireé Dent of Dejanae Events.


Keep reading for the top takeaways including advice on whether it’s ever too late to ask for a review, our thoughts on incentives for reviews, keeping responses fresh and more.

Question #1: We have many happy couples that rave about our services, promise to review us and then don’t. How many reminder requests for a review should we send?

WeddingPro Answer: Desireé recommends sending two reminders for a review. After she sends an initial request asking for the review, most couples promise to leave one. However, life tends to get in the way. If the couple doesn’t write one within two weeks, she’ll send a reminder and another photo from their wedding so they can relive their special day. If Desireé doesn’t receive a response then, she’ll follow up in a few weeks as the last reminder. 

We know all couples are different, so there may be another number that works for your business (whether that’s three or even five). Don’t be afraid to do some testing and find out how many reminders gets you the most reviews (without going overboard)!

Question #2: When is it too late to ask for a review? Can you ask a couple whose wedding was 6+ months ago?

WeddingPro Answer: Absolutely–it’s never too late! While we all have more time on our hands, we recommend asking all of your previous couples for reviews (that haven’t already written them!). More than likely, they’ll be happy to hear from you and will reminisce about their wedding day. The worst that can happen is that they won’t respond, so now is the time to start reaching out.


Question #3: What are your thoughts on review referral programs (offering a gift card/other incentives for reviews)?

WeddingPro Answer: Desireé recommends that you shy away from review referral programs or paying anyone for a review. She warns that it might not be as genuine with an incentive attached. “If you do the work you’ve been hired to do and go above and beyond, the couple will likely review you and not expect anything but a thank you in return,” she says.

Question #4: If you are responding to a lot of reviews, how do you make sure your responses are fresh and do not seem canned?

WeddingPro Answer: When you have more than fifty reviews, it can be difficult to keep writing fresh responses. When you reply, refer to a fun moment or memory to make the review specific to the couple. Desireé recommends that you look through your reviews and move the ones you prefer to the top— and make sure these have engaging responses!

Question #5: We know it’s important to make sure couples leave you two different reviews on The Knot and WeddingWire for SEO purposes. Do you have any suggestions to make sure your couples know how to do that?

WeddingPro Answer: Be explicit and tell them! If you want them to review you differently on multiple platforms, it’s your responsibility as the pro to ask them to tweak their reviews. You can specifically ask them to mention different memories on the different reviews. Provide some direction on how you’d like them to review you, along with links where they can do so.

Question #6: Do you recommend having a reviews page on your own website?

WeddingPro Answer: Desireé highly recommends that you include reviews on your website as an additional form of marketing. On her Dejanae Events website, she includes a few testimonials and a link to her Storefront, where couples can find other reviews. This makes it easier for future clients to read about the amazing experience she provides. 


Question #7: A couple left us a negative review in March, but we’ve been too busy to respond while handling rescheduling weddings and adjusting to the pandemic. Is it too late to reply?

WeddingPro Answer: Make sure to respond to all of your reviews, including negative ones and no matter how long it’s been. Acknowledge that you’ve read it, lead off with an apology and respond with something short and simple. Even if the couple doesn’t see your response, future clients will see that you cared enough to acknowledge and respond to what that couple had to say.


If you weren’t able to join us live for the webinar, or if you want to brush up on the content again, you can view the recording at any time.


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