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Storefronts 101: What Each Metric Means and How to Track Them

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As you’re going through your advertising journey with The Knot and WeddingWire, it’s vitally important that you track and understand the numbers behind your Storefronts. Not only will that help you understand how your investment is performing but it will also help you stay closer to your Storefronts so you can continuously optimize them for greater success. 

There are plenty of important metrics that you’ll track throughout your advertising journey, like ROI and conversion rate, but today, we’re going to focus on five metrics that are unique to your Storefront activity. Keep reading to learn more about what these metrics mean and how you should think about them as you’re gauging your success. 


Top five Storefront metrics

Storefront visitors

Even though this metric is self-explanatory, it’s an important one to highlight. As you’re getting visitors to your Storefront, you’ll, of course, need to track how many of them are stopping by. Thanks to our built-in analytics tools, you’ll be able to see this activity so you can keep track of market seasonality or if you need to change up your assets to attract new visitors. 


Storefront saves

As people visit your Storefronts, they’re able to save them in order to re-visit them later. This is an important metric to keep track of because it shows that people are interested in your business and want to take a second look. So, to keep this number where you want it, make sure you’re keeping your Storefront up to date and attractive so you can attract your ideal client and leave them wanting more. 


Link clicks

Another metric to take stock of is link clicks. On your Storefronts, you can add links to your important external sites, like your website, portfolio or social media accounts. These sites give couples access to secondary places where you can display even more of the amazing things you do so they can research you fully before inquiring about your services. The more link clicks you get, the more your prospective couples are researching you and qualifying themselves before reaching out.

Pro-tip: make sure that your brand is consistent across all of your channels. From your logo to your copy, keep everything consistent so your audience will know exactly what your business is all about.



Now, we have reviews. We all know how important reviews are for your business. They provide social proof and make it possible for people to hear more about your 5-star service straight from the couples who received it. Because of that, our analytics tools track and display the number of reviews you have in order to boost your credibility. In the same view where you can see this number, you can also request reviews and choose a featured review to display on your Storefront. 

Pro-tip: While you can request reviews at any time, we recommend requesting reviews relatively soon after an event. Your couples are much more likely to write something up if you catch them soon after their events. And don’t be afraid to follow up if they don’t leave one right away!



As you’re getting more traffic to your Storefronts, you’re going to get people who raise their hands and inquire about your services. Leads are the most important things you’ll get out of your advertising investment with The Knot and WeddingWire because they’re a vital step in tracking your ROI and conversion rate (read: the data that points to how your advertising is performing).

One thing to remember is that lead volume will fluctuate depending on seasonality, so you’ll need to look at the amount of leads coming in from a holistic view to see how your investment is performing. Luckily, our analytics tools have easy-to-view charts that show trends.


How should you think about these metrics?

When thinking about these metrics, it’s a good idea to consider them as benchmarks for how well you’ve built out your Storefront(s) and how your advertising investment is performing. For example, if you’re getting a ton of Storefront visits and link clicks, it’s likely that you’ve spent a lot of time building out your Storefront for your prospective couples to view. But, if you aren’t seeing as much activity as you’d like, you may want to consider requesting more reviews, refreshing or adding more photos and adding more details to your Meet the Team sections on The Knot and Team section on WeddingWire to pique your visitors’ interest. 

Pro-tip: You can also follow these tips to boost Storefront activity!


No matter what, however, make sure that you check in with these metrics periodically to make sure that your advertising investment is on the right track and that you’re getting the most out of what The Knot and WeddingWire have to offer.


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