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7 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Client Experience


We’ve been talking about client experience a lot this month, along with all of the reasons it is fundamentally important for your wedding business. But, just like a lot of things when it comes to running a business, you learn and grow over time—and someday you might find yourself wondering how you can improve on the foundation you’ve built. So today, we wanted to share some ideas to help you answer that question and level up the experience you create to impress your couples (an outstanding one is going to help you get that 5-star review on your Storefronts after all). Read on for seven easy ways to upgrade your client experience.


Send a welcome gift

If you’re not already kicking off your client relationships with a welcome gift, this is perhaps the easiest (and most impactful) way to upgrade your client experience. Whether you create beautiful branded swag to welcome them to their first meeting, put together a gift basket with your favorite local items from small shops around town or surprise them with a unique client gift from Greetabl, you’re sure to set a strong impression and tone for what working with you is going to be like leading up to your couples’ wedding days. 

Pro-tip: Looking for a less expensive way to make an impression? There are lots of ways to welcome your couples that don’t cost any money—check out these surprise and delight ideas to get your wheels turning.    


Personalize everything

Personalizing your client experience is a great way to make upgrades because it shows you care about your couples and the details of it all. You can create cover sheets for the digital or print documents you send that are personalized with their names and wedding colors. You can get a reusable welcome sign to hang on your door that lets you write your couples’ names on it before they arrive. You can stock your office refrigerator with their favorite beverages. Regardless of what you choose to personalize, you can show your couples how you go the extra mile by putting in the extra effort.


Handwritten notes go a long way

Seriously. They do. And they are a budget friendly way to add meaningful touches to the experience you are building. You can send a handwritten note to celebrate their birthdays, the anniversary of their engagement or to get them excited once they are in the 30-day countdown to their wedding.

Pro-tip: Add questions about these important dates to your intake or discovery form so you have them from the start of your working relationship.


Use more video 

We’re not talking about scheduling more Zoom calls (the fatigue is real). Rather, we’re talking about recording a short video to send in lieu of a lengthy email when there is something important to cover or celebrate. From hitting milestones in the planning process to better explaining what might be a complicated situation, you can make sure your couples are happy when your communication is on point. 

Pro-tip: Being a strong communicator can ensure your couples get the information they need, when they need it. Learn the basics of client communication skills and ways to improve as a part of your effort to build an outstanding experience. 


Share it on social

Since most of your work happens when your couples are not in the room with you, showing your couples some of that on social media is a great way to upgrade your client experience. Doing so can make them feel better taken care of (especially when there is a lull between meetings or formal updates) as well as more excited about all the reasons they hired you. The bonus for you? It helps you market your business to future couples by helping them to understand exactly what you do for your clients.


Make a donation

If you read our piece about marketing to Millennials and Gen Z, you know that finding and hiring wedding pros who align with their values is important to younger couples. So, if you are being hired by couples who care about social causes, a great way to live your core values is by making a donation on their behalf. 


Make it experiential 

We’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about creating experiences in a piece about client experience. And, though there are parts of the wedding planning process that are innately experiential (think: mockups and tastings), there are subtle ways to engage all five senses during even the most routine of meetings. Whether it’s having music on in the background, lighting a candle with a signature scent or deciding to print an important document on heavier stock as opposed to regular printer paper, you can really create a unique experience when you engage more senses than just sight. 

Curious about the reasons you should be thinking about upgrading your approach to experience? Dive deeper into what client experience is and how it can help you increase customer satisfaction.


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