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2024 Wedding Trends: What You Need to Know as a Pro

2024 wedding trends - WeddingPro

Whether you’ve been a wedding pro for three years or 30, couples are going to look to you to find out what’s happening in the industry and incorporate current styles into their events. That means staying up to date on 2024 wedding trends.

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to get a sense of what’s trending just by looking at your FYP or your Instagram feed, but we’re here to spell it out for you with a quick reference guide. Read on to learn more, get inspired and find out how to utilize these editor-approved 2024 wedding trends in your events this year. 

What’s New in Wedding Trends for 2024?

Wedding trends for 2024 are all about making bold choices, without being overly ostentatious or overdone—and ensuring guests have a truly spectacular time. There’s also a relaxed quality to today’s weddings. Rather than adhering to strict themes and color palettes, couples are opting for looser wedding vibes.

It’s not only crucial for wedding pros to be aware of these trends, you’ll also need to know how to execute them. Couples have likely already seen many of these popping on social media, and will be looking for pros who can bring them to life. 

“I love this quote from financial expert, Martin Zweig, ‘The trend is your friend,’” says Lauren Kay, Executive Editor at The Knot. “He wasn’t talking about cake flavors or color palettes but the meaning works for weddings too. Knowing the latest trends can set you apart from other pros. Why? You can be part of the conversation. Even if your couples aren’t interested in an ice sculpture or offering tattoos at their reception, having your finger on the pulse of what’s trending makes you relevant and desirable. And if you can help a couple make a trend their own—a marriage of their personalities and love story—well, you’re hired. Trends aren’t everything though, and more than ever couples want a wedding that is a true reflection of who they are. It’s great to be part of the conversation, but don’t let what’s trending takeover.”

Adds Hannah Nowack, Senior Editor at The Knot: “Most couples are being immersed in the world of weddings for the very first time when they get engaged and might feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. It’s important for vendors to know trends so they can educate and direct couples. Vendors will be able to advise whether a trend is timeless or if it’ll feel dated in a year. They are the sage counsel that couples are looking to, so they need to be up to date on what’s hot and what’s not.”

2024 Wedding Trends Pros Need to Know

Understanding current wedding trends will not only benefit your business, but keep things fresh and inspire creativity. Here’s a list of the top 2024 wedding trends that you need to know to be at the forefront of the industry, straight from our editors. 

Wedding Dress Trends 2024

Pastel Wedding Dresses

“Pastel wedding dresses dominated the runways at New York Bridal Fashion Week,” says Sofia Deeb, Assistant Fashion Commerce Editor at The Knot. “From baby blues to soft pink hues, it seems that more and more designers are beginning to introduce color within their collections. For non-traditional brides looking to add a pop-of-color to their wedding wardrobe, these styles come at just the right time.”

Pastel wedding dress - WeddingPro

Photo: Nadia Manjarrez


“All great packages get wrapped up in a bow, and brides should be no exception,” says Deeb. “We’re loving the flirty, feminine touch that these accessories add to a look. Whether you choose to keep things classic with a hair bow, or opt for something a bit more bold, they’re the perfect way to upgrade your wedding wardrobe (and feel like the gift that you are).”

Boudoir-Inspired Wedding Dresses

“Boudoir-inspired wedding dresses are perfect for brides who want to make walking down the aisle feel like strutting down the runway,” Deeb says. “Despite having roots in 1920’s style, these looks, which often feature sheer fabrics, exposed boning and lingerie-styled silhouettes, feel distinctly modern. As millennial and Gen Z brides explore new and innovative ways to flout tradition, we expect to see the boudoir wedding dress trend take off.”

Dress Separates

“I wish this was a thing when I got married a decade ago. I love the way separates give you a few looks with one dress,” says Kay. “I really wanted a second look on my wedding day, but knew I only had one chance to wear my dress! I love that there is so much versatility in these designs, perfect for switching up ceremony to reception looks and in some cases, the potential for a re-wear element on a future anniversary.”

2024 Wedding Color and Style Trends


Fiery red is one of the hottest colors (see what we did there?) for 2024. It’s already a popular choice for many cultures, but also symbolizes passion and romance—perfect for weddings. Red is a powerful hue, so just a few carefully-chosen details in this color can make a big statement.

Lilac and Periwinkle

Airy hues like lilac and periwinkle bring a sweet and delicate touch to weddings. They can easily be combined with other pastels for spring and summer events, or contrasted with darker hues like black and emerald for fall and winter weddings. 

Periwinkle wedding color - WeddingPro

Photo: Ashley Ludaescher, Event planning: Lovelyfest

2024 Wedding Decor Trends

Bold Colors and Maximalist Vibes

“Maximalism harnesses the idea that ‘more is more,’” says Nowack. “Think vibrant colors (everything from Barbie pink to rich burnt orange), patterns (even purposeful clashing) and lots of texture. Made popular in recent years by Gen Z folks, the appeal of maximalism lies in the freedom for self-expression inherent to the style. A maximalist approach leaves ample space for expressive choices and eclectic, indulgent details that celebrate individuality. For weddings, this trend is especially pertinent to floral and event designers. Some of the most creative ways I’ve seen maximalism executed are through tablescape designs that include centerpieces with non-floral elements and bold patterned linens.”

Disco Decor

“What’s old is new again with this trend,” says Nowack. “If you’ve been on TikTok anytime in the last year, chances are you’ve seen Gen Z users drooling over disco mushroom lamps and other kitschy ’70s-inspired paraphernalia. A love of all things retro has made its way to weddings, most notably being seen through a love of all things disco. For example, event designers are decking out dance floors with a collection of multiple disco balls suspended overhead. I’ve even seen cake bakers use mini disco balls as finishing touches. This trend can come to life anywhere that mirrored disco tiles can be placed.”

Residential- and Restaurant-Inspired Wedding Design

“What’s not to love about an intimate dinner party with your nearest and dearest?” asks Nowack. “Modern couples care about making a great guest experience. With that, they don’t want the wedding reception to feel like a sterile board meeting. Quite the contrary, couples want to play host to the biggest dinner party of their lives and curate an event to remember. Part of making this a reality comes in the form of having the decor mirror what you might see at home or even an upscale restaurant. Personally, I’ve loved seeing event designers get creative and replace standard pillar candles with mini battery-powered lamps on dinner tables. We are also seeing smaller centerpieces that leave space for specialty dishware.”

Trendy Lighting

“For too many years lighting was an often overlooked part of decor,” Nowack says. “However, well-designed lighting can truly enhance a space and make all the other elements, from florals to rentals, pop. Instead of the stark purple uplighting of yesteryear, couples and pros alike are getting creative with lighting. From tabletop lamps to neon signs and colorful taper candles, unique lighting is being used to enhance the wedding’s overall ambiance. This trend dovetails nicely with the popularity of residential details as well. Notably, we’re seeing a lot of tented weddings that bring the inside out with bespoke wicker chandeliers you might see in someone’s home being hung from a tent.” 

Trendy wedding lighting - WeddingPro

Left: Ledia Tashi Photography, John Campbell Events and Design, Kaleidoscope Floral, Middle: Perry Vaile Photography, Grit & Grace, Em Creative Floral, Curated Events, EventWorks, Right: Calen Rose, Le Petit Privé, Arizmendi Events

Ice Sculptures

“If you’ve worked in the wedding industry for a while, you know the saying, ‘everything that’s old becomes new again’ actually rings true—and you may have even witnessed this trend the first time around,” says Samantha Iacia, Editor at The Knot. “Inspired by the recent comeback of ’90s and early 2000s style, ice sculptures are going to be a big wedding reception trend this year, but couples will be looking to take their sculptures to the next level. In 2024, these frosty details won’t just be decorative, they’ll be a functional part of the guest experience. Vendors can use an ice sculpture to serve hors d’oeuvres from a raw bar, chill toppings for an after-hours ice cream sundae station, or pour handcrafted cocktails through an ice luge as a finishing flourish.”

Wedding Flower Trends 2024

High-Impact Floral Installations

“Flowers are always a key part of weddings, but in 2024, elaborate, custom designs will be getting all the attention,” says Iacia. “Now more than ever, couples want their details and decor to completely wow their guests, and high-impact floral installations are one of the best ways to do it. Florists and planners can help transform venues for their clients through custom hanging centerpieces, oversized arrangements along the aisle, ‘living’ flower walls and other designs that are packed with colorful, textural blooms.”

Wispy Florals

“Floral designers who specialize in hand-tied bouquets, asymmetrical centerpieces and  foraged greenery will feel right at home with this trend,” says Iacia. “It speaks to couples who like the cottagecore aesthetic or who are otherwise opting for a relaxed yet stylized wedding (like a chic dinner party). The arrangements should feel organic and natural, with some intentional negative space to avoid looking too overdone.”

Wispy florals - WeddingPro

Photo: Megan Noll Photography, Floral design: The Budding Florist

Bright & Boldly Colored Blooms

“Saturated blue, pink and green colors are all trending for 2024, which means that vendors can expect more requests for bright, bold flowers that match these trending palettes,” says Iacia. “Not only does it give floral designers fun options to work with, but this trend aligns with the demand for high-impact arrangements as well. Ultimately, couples want their flowers and other decor to create a lively, energetic vibe that sets the scene for an unforgettable party.”

Wedding Cake Trends 2024

Garden-Patched Cakes

“This trend is all about using colorful flowers and embracing imperfections to mimic a wildflower garden,” says Iacia. “When you’re placing the flowers on the cake, don’t think too much about clustering them to one side or creating a perfect cascade. The goal is to arrange the flowers to look like they were effortlessly scattered onto the cake—or better yet, sprouted directly out of the tiers. You can leave the stems long and refrain from stripping greenery to add to the natural look.”

Garden patch cakes - WeddingPro

Photo and cake design: Rose Wilde

Heart-Shaped Cakes

“Heart-shaped cakes are taking TikTok and Pinterest by storm, so there’s a good chance you’ve already seen this trend bubbling up,” says Iacia. “Their adorable—but non-traditional—shape makes them especially popular for elopements and among Gen Z couples. You can decorate the heart shape with pastel colors and Lambeth-style piping for a cutesy effect, or keep it very minimal with smooth white buttercream and a border of maraschino cherries.”

2024 Wedding Reception Trends

Audio Guest Books

“Audio guest books have been around for a few years, but this trend really took off in 2023 (thanks, TikTok!) and we’re expecting it to continue through 2024,” says Iacia. “Not only is this a fun way for guests to engage and interact during the wedding, but it creates actual voice messages for the couple that they’ll replay and cherish for the rest of their lives. Plus, the rotary-style phones add a playful retro vibe to reception decor.”

Audio guest books - WeddingPro

Photo: Larisa Shorina Photography

Experiential Entertainment

“With every couple hoping to wow their guests, entertainment has become a big part of weddings,” says Kay. “This goes beyond a band or DJ and dips into truly memorable territory. Guest painters and undercover sketch artists are delighting guests with portraits and keepsakes of the night. If art isn’t a couples thing, try a magician at cocktail hour or a performance.”

Permanent Favors

“This trend targets an edgy or unique couple,” says Kay. “Instead of sending guests home with a chocolate reminder of your day, these favors are more permanent. Tattoo artists, piercing stations and permanent bracelets are all trending. This is a fun option for the right wedding and could also be a hit at a shower or pre-wedding event with a smaller group.”

2024 Wedding Food Trends 

Comfort Food

“It’s no surprise comfort food has become a wedding trend because who doesn’t love eating food that makes them nostalgic and satisfied?” says Chapelle Johnson, Associate Editor at The Knot. “Every year, to-be-weds aim to personalize their nuptials, and serving comforting cuisine is one of the easiest ways. Famous family recipes, childhood treats and regional favorites are a few ways engaged couples want their wedding caterer to highlight them and their relationship. Food vendors can help clients connect with their guests by creating a meaningful wedding menu that pleases the stomach and incites beautiful memories.”

Individual Servings

“Yes, it’s safe to say life has predominantly returned to normal since COVID, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t changed wedding receptions,” says Johnson. “For safety reasons, wedding food was served as individual dishes during the pandemic, but the trend has stayed on the wedding menu. With dancing, mingling and other dynamic entertainment becoming more popular, having miniature food that’s easy to snack on and doesn’t leave guests stuck at a table has become more important than ever. To-be-weds love it when wedding caterers make bite-sized sweet and savory treats since they can be any of their favorite foods. Some of my favorite ideas are mini pies, tacos, lobster rolls and ice cream sandwiches.”

Individual servings - WeddingPro

Photo: Holly Graciano Photography

Grazing Tables

“Grazing tables are charcuterie boards, but (at least) double the size and include a couple’s favorite foods,” says Johnson. “To-be-weds like this wedding food trend for two reasons––it’s pleasing to the eye and brings them and their guests closer since sharing from the same feast inevitably motivates lots of socializing. Wedding caterers shouldn’t have to limit their creativity just because grazing tables look similar to charcuterie boards, usually made of cheese, crackers, fruit and meat. I’ve seen food vendors with grazing tables of a dozen flavors of chicken wings, fresh seafood spreads, mouthwatering cold and hot desserts and much more. Think of a grazing table as a chance to create a work of art that’s tasty and immersive.” 

Secret Cocktail Menus and Late-Night Surprises

“I equate the secret cocktail menu as the evolution of the signature sip,” says Kay. “This is a way for couples to have fun with a specific ‘off menu’ drink, perhaps named after their first date spot or beloved pet. A QR code on a napkin or a few artfully placed cocktails among wedding VIPs will drum up the excitement for the drink. Similarly, late night surprises—especially of the edible variety—always delight. Ask your couple’s favorite food truck to swing by after the last dance, sending guests home happy. Love Mickey D’s? Set up your own epic drive through at the end of the night.”

2024 Wedding Photography and Videography Trends 

Wedding Content Creators

“Wedding content creators are a new role in the industry that helps to-be-weds gather viral-worthy content of their nuptials,” says Johnson. “One of the reasons couples are hiring this pro is because it allows themselves, their guests and followers to see the beautiful wedding moments on the wedding day––not days and weeks later. This vendor also allows the newlyweds and their VIPs to spend less time on their devices and more time enjoying the affair. This social media pro is an addition to the wedding photographer and videographer, which is great because it takes away some of the pressure for those vendors to have a quick turnaround on their work.”

Documentary-Style Wedding Photos

“Also known as photojournalistic-style wedding photography, this look spotlights authenticity and captures what’s happening in the moment,” says Johnson. “This photo style is perfect for couples and wedding photographers who appreciate candid, unposed and spontaneous moments. Capturing guests’ joyful tears during the wedding speeches, taking a photo of the happy couple whispering to each other during the last dance and snapping pictures of honor attendants laughing together at the after-party are great wedding photojournalistic moments.” 

Documentary-style wedding photos - WeddingPro

Photo: Heidi Uhlman Photography

Drone Photography 

“Drone photography is not new, but it is still trending and perhaps here to stay,” says Kay. “With the popularity of indoor/outdoor events, couples are eager for footage of their wedding from every angle. We especially love this trend for couples saying I do in picturesque settings.” 

Sizzle Reel

“If couples aren’t already asking for this, they will be!” says Kay. “It’s hard to wait for photos and videos after ‘I do’ so the pros are putting together a quick sizzle reel to hold them over until all the images or full video is ready. This 30 to 60 second teaser showcases the highlights of the day and is easily shareable with fellow family and friends.”

Wedding Invitation Trends 2024

Quirky Scribbles and Squiggles

“This loose, handwritten look is having a major moment in the wedding paper and stationery space,” says Cat Haight, Editor at The Knot. “I think couples are opting for this style because it reads as unique, relaxed and romantic—and those same vibes are trending in the broader wedding space, with styles like a “dinner party wedding” gaining popularity. The free-flowing style also often features line-drawn illustrations, and can appear on paper elements like invites, bar signs, dinner menus and place cards–maybe even on a paper tablecloth where guests can add their own doodles as the night goes on during a pre wedding event.”


“Keeping with couples gravitating toward a more relaxed wedding vibe, wildflowers are popping up (or blooming, I should say) all over the place,” says Haight. “I’m seeing wispy, delicate stems wave across the bottom of wedding stationery, but also in centerpieces and bouquets. I think this also goes hand in hand with the way more color—and lots of it—is weaving its way into weddings, since wildflowers appear most often in a varied and mixed range of hues.”

Fairytale and Dark Fantasy

“The fairytale wedding aesthetic and its counterpart, the dark fantasy aesthetic, reflect the pull toward opulence some couples are after for their celebrations,” says Haight. “With trends like dark academia, coquette and old money holding strong, it makes sense why soonlyweds would pull elements from all of those styles to create a wedding that could be at home in a castle. Hallmarks of the looks include gilded accents, jewel tones, Renaissance-like motifs and rich textiles like velvet. I’m seeing this vibe take off in the stationery space, but it could easily carry over into day-of decor like tablescapes as well as into food and cocktails (a deep magenta sip garnished with juicy stone fruit = straight out of a castle tapestry).”

Fairytale and dark fantasy invitations - WeddingPro

Photos, from left to right: Francesco Spighi Photography, The Knot Invitations, Stationery, from left to right: Shindig Bespoke, The Knot Invitations

Engagement & Wedding Ring Trends 2024

[feel free to pull a photo from here:]

East-West Engagement Rings

“Consumers want to feel that their ring is unique and a reflection of their personal style, even if it’s only a subtle tweak on tradition,” says Naomi Rougeau, Senior Fashion and Beauty Editor at The Knot. “East-West engagement rings are a perfect example and despite the exotic-sounding name, the style simply involves mounting a (non-round) solitaire horizontally.”

East-West engagement ring - WeddingPro

Photo: Jessica McCormack

Moissanite Rings

“The Knot’s most recent Jewelry and Engagement Study saw moissanite emerge as the most popular choice among non-diamond gemstones,” says Rougeau. “Given the state of things, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise and moissanite is a perfectly viable option for those who are unwilling to sacrifice stone size due to budget constraints. The clear stone does not possess a diamond’s hardness, though it does come pretty close at 9.25 on the Mohs Hardness Scale.”

Hidden-Detail Engagement Rings

“With so many retailers offering customization options at the click of a button, couples no longer need to go the bespoke route in order to design a truly personal engagement ring,” says Rougeau. “Among the most popular choices are hidden details such as heartfelt engraved messages or halos of micropave diamonds which surround the base of a setting and can only be viewed in profile.”

2024 Wedding Hair Trends 

The Sleek Bun

Sofia Richie’s wedding was one of the most-watched celebrity events of last year, and her relaxed-yet-elegant big-day style (coined Quiet Luxury) is still living rent-free in the minds of many. In particular, her chic and sleek bun is an ideal bridal look for those going for a refined and elevated look. 

Hollywood Waves 

Barbie is everywhere right now, so it should come as no surprise that big, beautiful Hollywood waves with tucked bangs is one of the top hair trends for 2024. It’s an easy-to-recreate look that works well on a variety of hair types and textures. 

Hollywood waves - WeddingPro

Photo: @junkiebride

Master 2024 Wedding Trends With WeddingPro

Want to dive deeper into understanding couples and what they want now that you’ve got the trends dialed? Be sure to check out all the helpful articles we have in the Your Couples category on the WeddingPro blog!

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