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10 New Year’s Resolutions and Business Goals to Inspire You in 2022

10 New Year's Resolutions and Goals to Inspire you

Taking the time to make resolutions and business goals is more than a motion you need to go through—it is an important practice! Because (pardon the cheesy metaphor) each year is a completely unplanned road trip, and you need to decide where you are going. So, whether you have time blocked on your calendar to really dive into setting business goals for next year or are looking for some inspirational new year’s resolutions to get you started, we wanted to share some to help you set your course.

Read on for quick ideas to get your wheels spinning alongside real resolutions being set by other wedding pros in your community.


Business goals being set by other wedding pros

“My goal is to be patient with myself and remember to celebrate even the small wins.”

It might have been crazy, but I took on the task of launching my business this year. It was more work than I ever could have expected (a lot goes into opening a wedding dress boutique), but it has absolutely been an experience I will never forget. I know that building a business takes constant work, so I want to be sure I am being kind and patient with myself. And, even when I am running on empty because I probably took on too much, I want to remember to keep doing happy dances over my small achievements because they are just as important. – Marina of Harper and Ivory


“I want to build my passive income streams.”

After the extreme ups and downs of 2020 and 2021, 2022, for me, is going to be about finding more opportunities to rest. In order to do that, one of my goals for next year is to build some passive income streams that will allow me to take on fewer wedding clients. Since I want to prioritize rest in 2022, that passive income is going to allow me to literally make money while I sleep. – Leah of Color Pop Events

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“My goal is to book more ideal clients! Oh, and have a better work/life balance.”

I had my fair share of less-than-stellar clients in 2021. Whether that be a mismatch in personalities or just straight up “special” behavior on their part, I’m hoping to better sniff out the red flags as I book clients for 2022 and beyond. I was also way too accessible to my clients this year. I thought being accessible meant giving my clients a good experience, but it ended up biting me when I needed to take a break. I’m hoping to establish better boundaries and have a routine that will allow me to have a better work/life balance.Kate of The Coordination Company

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“I want to make sure I am attracting and hiring top talent.”

I think labor is going to be a huge issue going into 2022. And, with 2022 and 2023 expected to be big years for weddings, we will all need more staff. To make sure I am building the best team possible, I think we will need to offer competitive salaries as well as benefits. It’s long been a goal of mine to offer a 401k and medical benefits to my team and I think now is the time to see what options are available for small business owners. It’s also a time to get a little creative in order to recruit and retain the best of the best—offer a discounted membership to a place like Massage Envy or complimentary wine tastings at some of our local wineries. Alex of Quintana Events


“I’m going to take Fridays off in July and August (Michigan summer—ahhh)!”

My goal and resolution for 2022 is to take Fridays off in July and August. While I LOVE numbers-oriented business growth goals, it’s really easy for me to fixate too much on work and not on what really matters—which is glorious Michigan summers, paddleboarding on the lake, weeding my garden, walking my dog, and having summer fun. Resolving to enjoy July and August is going to help me keep focused during the rest of the year because I know the best days are coming! Sara of Sara Does SEO

“I want to create a better process for myself from inquiry to post event review.”

As a mom and business owner, life can get really hectic. Once you mix that with busy wedding seasons and pandemic aftershocks, you’re hanging on for dear life! Next year, I’d like to go back to basics and create a streamlined client experience that will make for a seamless process from inquiry to review request; I also want to update my “behind the scenes” process to make sure I’m able to stay on track while managing multiple weddings. This will help keep my couples (and myself) organized, and it will also allow me to set boundaries—so when family calls, I don’t feel guilty for stepping away for the day. By having better systems in place, I think I will experience less burnout, manage my time more effectively, and be able to love on my couples even more! – Pamela of Aisle Say Yes

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“I am going to share my clients’ stories more and prioritize self-care.”

One of my goals for 2022 is to blog more and share my clients’ stories because they are all so special to me! But I know that spending my time writing educational posts is important for my business as well since it will help them in their wedding plans. My other goal is to make sure I don’t burn myself out. The 2022 wedding season is shaping up to be busier than this year, so I need to make sure I block time for myself and my family. – Rithy of RT Faith Photography


“I want to become a full-time entrepreneur.”

My personal (and business) resolution for 2022 is to leave my full-time job and become a full-time entrepreneur. It’s my time! All the arrows are pointing in that direction and I’m ready to take this huge step forward. My other goal is to be fully booked for the 2022-2023 wedding season and I’m well on my way. 2022 is going to be my best year yet! – Qiana of Madison Elyse Events


“I want more time with family.”

My main goal for 2022 is to get at least 2 weddings per month, but I realize how stressful next year will be with the wedding boom and want to be able to give all my attention to my couples during what might be a difficult time. A personal goal I have is to spend more time with family, because if this pandemic has taught me anything, it’s that family is incredibly important. – Samone of Raquel Samone Weddings


Other New Year’s resolution ideas to jumpstart your goal setting


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