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Is Work Life Balance Possible for Wedding Pros?


Self care ideas to help you rest even when your calendar is full


Wedding pros are busy people. Your days are filled with appointments for tastings, mockups, venue scouting, client calls, and trips to the floral market and (somehow) you also need to clear out an inbox full of inquiries, reply to other vendors who have questions, and catch up on the bookkeeping you’ve been putting off for months. And, on top of all of your professional responsibilities, you have personal ones as well, and it can turn a busy few days into an overscheduled few weeks—one with little to no time for you to sit down and do something for yourself. 


The thing is, when you are in a service-based industry like the wedding industry, you have to have a plan for self care—even if achieving work life balance seems out of reach. Because, you can only give when you have something to give and we’re pretty sure that trying to pour into your couples from an empty cup isn’t the type of client experience you want to provide. So today, we wanted to have you hit pause and think about what it is you need to do in order to take care of yourself so that you can wake up every day and work with the level of enthusiasm, creativity, and attention to detail the job demands. Whether you’re looking for self care ideas to implement now or ones you can have in your pocket for the future, read on for ways you can create a sense of balance as a wedding pro.  


You have to make rest a priority 

There is always something to do when you own a business and almost everything feels like it is really important. And, that pressure to make sure your clients are taken care of, you’re staying two steps ahead, dreaming up new ways to grow your business, and making sure your team members have what they need can keep you up at night and can make you feel like rest is a luxury. But, rest is actually a necessity when you run a business in the wedding industry.


You make lots of decisions on an everyday basis and every day you decide whether rest is a priority. So, if you are reading this and are someone who regularly decides to work the extra hour rather than make yourself dinner or schedule client calls when you really want to go to a yoga class, you have to pull yourself out of the mindset that work is more important than your health and well-being. Easier said than done (we know) but you can’t ever feel like you are winning at business and at life if you continually choose one over the other. The key to starting to break that cycle? Establishing strong (but kind) boundaries with your couples and learning how to say no when saying yes doesn’t help you create time and space for rest.


Be productive and not busy

We’ve talked a lot about how your daily schedule is likely a busy one but there is a difference between being busy and productive—especially when it comes to creating time for self care. Being busy is a way to get things done but being productive is a way to get things done with time to spare. Because, productivity requires you to think more strategically about what you are doing and when which allows you to build in time for things other than work. If you struggle to leave work at work and be present at home, start by thinking about ways you can become more productive and open up blocks in your schedule for family or me time.


Self care ideas to help you rest

It can be hard to come up with ideas to rest when you are feeling run down and ragged, so what would a piece about work life balance be without some self care ideas and tips? Use this list as a jumping off point and make a plan to prioritize time for you to do the things that will keep you passionate about your professional life and feeling like you’re not missing out on your personal one.


Have boundaries for yourself – Believe it or not, this is just as important as having good boundaries with your clients. From deciding on a consistent time to walk away from your screens and setting out of office replies over the weekends you have off to not setting any alarms or having notifications, there are lots of ways you can enforce self-care boundaries on yourself.


Create with no expectations – If being creative is a part of the services you provide to clients, you absolutely should be setting time aside to create for no reason. Whether you spend a few minutes a day coloring, free writing, journaling, or arranging flowers with no intention, allowing yourself a time for play is a great way to rest and refuel.


Make time for quiet – This one is pretty simple. Reading, meditating, gardening, going for a walk or even enjoying a cup of coffee at home in the morning can be just what you need before diving into your day.


Exercise – Self care doesn’t always have to be quiet and calming. Whether you are somebody who likes to run for miles or sweat it out in a hot yoga class, be sure to prioritize taking care of your body too.


Find inspiration – You spend a lot of time searching for inspiration for your clients, but what about yourself? Set aside time to listen to podcasts, take classes, or spend a day searching for your next house plant (even if you have to sneak it in past your spouse).


Self care is important for every wedding pro in an effort to create work life balance, and it is something you should commit to. If you are ever feeling like you’re pushing yourself too hard or too far, make sure you recognize what burnout is and address it so you can stay happy and healthy.


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