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Creative Ways to Use Mood Boards in Your Marketing

Woman putting up mood boards

When it comes to your marketing messages, one of the most important ones to be consistent with is how you provide solutions to your potential clients’ problems. And while there are a host of problems couples can have as they start their wedding research, one of the most overwhelming aspects of planning a wedding is answering the question, “What is our wedding going to look like?” 

You’ve seen it: couples, who are otherwise decisive, freeze when it comes to design. Or, perhaps, they have good ideas but no way of communicating them to you. 

For these scenarios, and more, it’s great to use a mood board. This common problem that so many engaged couples have is one you know you can solve—and is one you have a unique way of going about. Let’s take a look at this familiar design tool in a different light and help you see your mood boards as a marketing tool as well. Curious about how to do that? Read on for creative (and intentional) ways you can use them to attract your ideal couples.


What are mood boards?

A mood board is typically a collage of inspirational images that is used to guide the design process (you can think of it as a set of creative guardrails). Sometimes called design boards or inspiration boards, they help to capture the overall style of an event, set the color palette and can even communicate the actual mood the wedding or event should have. 

They are important because they help couples and their team of pros work through the creative process to land on a final concept as well as communicate it to everyone involved with bringing it to life—ensuring everyone is working towards the same creative goal.

Here is an example from WeddingPro Educator Alejandra Baca of Belle the Magazine.

Alejandra Baca Mood Boards Title Page

Alejandra Baca Mood Boards Overview Image

Alejandra Baca Mood Boards of Antique Rose Garden

Alejandra Baca Mood Boards of Organic Elegance

Alejandra Baca Mood Boards of Blackberries and Champagne Soiree


How to create mood boards for your ideal couples

Here is where we want to start looking at things through a different lens. Because even though you typically create mood boards for signed clients, there is a time to create them before a couple has signed a contract with you. This is because mood boards can be used as a marketing tool that attracts more ideal clients. Whether you think of it as manifesting or putting out there what you’d like to get, it’s definitely something you can use to speak to the type of client you want (and have yet to) book.

Whether you find yourself in a situation where your ideal client has changed or you are trying to market to a higher-end couple, putting together a board that speaks to them doesn’t require having booked a couple like them in the past—you can pull inspiration from the internet (just be sure to credit where you found it) or use wedding stock photos. Just be sure to design them in a way that highlights what this couple wants and be mindful of the type of venue they are looking at, the overall style that suits them, the guest experience they want to plan, and the details they prioritize.=

Pro-tip: The Knot has a great wedding style quiz that is popular with couples planning their weddings on the website. Think about creating mood boards for the style types that fit your ideal couple. 


Ways to work mood boards into your marketing

There are lots of ways you can use this familiar design tool as a marketing tool. From your blog and social media to your Storefronts, you can create (and repurpose) your creative ideas into marketing content. Just be sure to create them for your ideal clients and pair them with a caption or copy that reinforces your value—because that’s how you nail your marketing messages.

  • Create mood boards quarterly for one of the upcoming seasons. You can design them specifically around trends, color palettes or other design elements that are tied to the season
  • Create them for your most ideal client and the type of event you would love to create for them (it’s okay to dream big here)
  • Turn the images you use in your boards into reels and TikTok videos. You can showcase your design process by highlighting the inspiration and pairing them with behind the scenes videos and images from the final gallery
  • Write blog posts about them or take it one step further and include the mood boards for the wedding you blog in the same blog post with highlights from the gallery


Interested in more ways you can inspire your potential clients and build your creative resume? Here are more ideas to help you create a wedding portfolio.


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