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Your Feedback in Action: WeddingPro 2024 Product Updates to Boost Lead Quality

2024 product updates: lead tags - WeddingPro

At WeddingPro, we’re always listening to your feedback and working hard to improve our tools for your business’ success. Recently, we’ve been working on making significant product updates and enhancements to our platform to improve lead quality and equip you to convert more leads into bookings. 

From in-product response guidance to improved app notifications, we’ve implemented several features to help you build two-way conversations with more couples and grow your business. Take a closer look at what we’re introducing in 2024.

7 Exciting WeddingPro Product Updates

Here are the top product udates we’re unveiling this year. These are features we’re rolling out in waves, so if you don’t see them right away, keep a close watch on your account so you don’t miss them as they’re made available!

1. Inbox response guidance

Crafting the perfect response to lead inquiries can be a challenging task. That’s why one of our first product updates was to launch our response guidance feature, designed to help you start engaging conversations with couples. Powered by data and WeddingPro Educator insights, this feature provides tips on how to optimize your replies and gives you a rating of your current draft. You’ll find guidance on response time, length, and how to leave the door open for a reply.

Since its launch, it’s shown to increase couples’ likelihood to respond, helping you convert more leads into bookings.

2. Enhanced spam blocking & reporting

We understand that spam leads can be frustrating and time-consuming to deal with across online advertising channels. That’s why we’ve improved our spam blocking abilities (before leads even make it to your inbox), and enhanced the spam reporting capabilities available to you in your inbox. In fact, when we analyzed our leads after these improved measures, we found that less than 3% were spam!

With the Report & block button in your inbox, you can easily block spam leads and report them, helping us to prevent spam as much as possible. 

3. Read receipts

To minimize ghosting, which we know is a pain point based on your feedback, we’ve introduced detailed read receipts, allowing you to see exactly when a couple has read your message. This not only reinforces that the couple is genuinely interested but also enables you to follow up in a more timely and effective manner. 

By knowing when couples are reading your messages, you can experiment with your replies, timing, and content to maximize your chances of booking them. For example, if you find that your leads are reading your messages but not replying, take this as a sign to adjust the timing and/or content of your replies. 

4. Lead tags

Lead tags are designed to help you identify high-intent leads, prioritize your responses, and tailor your reply content, making it one of the top product updates to get excited about! These tags highlight specific actions that couples have taken on your Storefronts and our sites, such as:

  • Actively inquiring, which means the couple is talking to several different vendors on The Knot and WeddingWire, so you’ll want to make sure your replies stand out.
  • Saving your Storefront, meaning the couple bookmarked your Storefront to review your services in closer detail later. Because they’ve shown interest in your business, you’ll want to keep an eye on these couples. 
  • Visiting your website or social media, meaning the couple found you on The Knot or WeddingWire and continued to explore your services on your website or social media. Once again, these are couples you’ll want to keep an eye on and stay in touch with–they may even reach out to you on your website or social media.
  • Messaging you first, which means you caught a couple’s eye and were their first outreach in your service category. You’ll want to prioritize replying to these messages.
  • Requesting a consultation, which is a tag only for photographers. It means the couple wants to connect with you over a video call to discuss your offerings and determine if you’re the right fit for them. Make sure to prioritize these messages as well, as these couples are likely ready to chat in detail. 

By focusing on leads with high-intent tags, you can increase your chances of converting them into bookings. You can prioritize responding to leads labeled as “Messaged you first” because that means you’ve caught their eye (as you’re the first vendor in your category that you’ve reached out to), and they’ll be excited to hear from you. Likewise, you can keep an eye on those leads tagged as “Website visit” or “Social media visit” because while they may have found you on The Knot or WeddingWire, they’re continuing to explore your services on your site or social media accounts and may reach out there.

5. Improved app notifications

Improved app notifications ensure that you never miss a lead. Our product updates include eliminating duplicate notifications, ensuring notifications are sent in real-time, and adding an app icon badge with a count of unread messages. 

With these enhancements, you can engage promptly with the app and respond to leads more effectively.

6. Marketplace improvements

We always aim to help you connect with couples that are the right fit for your business, which starts with couples’ outreach from our marketplaces.

We’ve heard your feedback on the importance of robust wedding details in determining lead quality. That’s why we’re always experimenting with our lead submission process to collect additional details from couples, such as their budget for your vendor category, additional services they’re interested in, and wedding style. 

Plus, on top of submitting leads through your Storefront, couples can reach out to you when you show up as a recommended vendor to them, based on other vendors they’ve reached out to. We’re always working to improve how we recommend specific vendors to couples.

7. WeddingPro Pricing

We’re continuously experimenting with the best ways to display pricing on your Storefronts to help you connect with couples within your price range. With our new WeddingPro Pricing tool, your pricing information can be shown on your Storefronts and attract higher-intent leads.

By incorporating these product updates into our platform, we aim to provide you with the tools to convert your leads, at all touch points across the couples’ booking journey. WeddingPro is here to support you every step of the way–start leveraging these new features today and maximize your bookings!

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