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4 Places You Should Consider Putting Video Reviews on Your Website


If you had any doubt that video marketing was going to become more and more important, the verdict is in—video is an essential marketing tool for your wedding business. From showing off your personality and giving potential couples a behind the scenes look at what you do to snippets of your couples’ wedding films and too many channels asking for short-form video content, it’s clear that video is something every wedding business owner needs to be thinking about. And, while there are many channels you can use it on and lots of topics you can create content around, we wanted to talk about two very important ones: client reviews and your website. If you’ve been wondering how you can leverage the 5-star reviews you’ve received on The Knot and WeddingWire, keep reading to learn about the four places you should think about putting video client reviews on your website.


Why you should ask your couples for video reviews

Millions of couples head to The Knot and WeddingWire every year to find their team of wedding vendors and read reviews about them. And, while your Storefronts (and the reviews on them) can catch the eye of interested couples, they often click through to your website in order to dive a little deeper before ultimately coming back to request a quote. When they do, it is important that what they see on your website is consistent with the client reviews they read on your Storefronts but different enough to reinforce the message in a way that feels new. Asking your couples to record video reviews is an effective way to do just that. Because, of course, you are going to tell potential clients you are great at your job (which you are), but potential clients want to hear that from the people who have invested in your services.


Pro-tip: After receiving a strong review on The Knot or WeddingWire, reach out to the couple and ask them to record themselves saying the most impactful part. Just be sure to let them know where you plan to share it so they can record it vertically or horizontally. 


How to select which reviews to share on your website

One of the questions we get asked regularly is whether or not it is okay for couples to copy and paste what they write for a WeddingWire review onto your profile on The Knot. And we understand why—it would certainly save time. But, just as it is important to ask your couples to leave you unique reviews on The Knot and WeddingWire, it is important that the reviews on your website are not repetitive as well. What do we mean by that? Here are two things to consider:

  • You want to help couples understand how you and your services are unique as compared to other vendors in your market. And, as much as it is wonderful to receive a review that says “hiring them was the best decision I made,” it is something your potential clients might read about other pros too. Your goal should be to showcase the client reviews that are anything but generic and speak to the unique value you offer
  • In addition to not wanting the reviews you share on your website to be generic, you don’t want them to all have the same takeaway. You can set yourself up to have the most compelling testimonials when you select ones that all say something different. From having reviews that talk about what it was like working with you overall to ones that pointedly say what you are best at as well as ones about what problem you solved for the couple to why they ultimately decided to hire you, be sure your reviews talk about all the reasons you are great at what you do


Where you should put client reviews on your website

Now that you understand the reasons why video reviews are important and how you can curate the best ones, let’s dive into where you can showcase them on your website. Again, doing so will help reinforce the positive first impressions your potential clients got about you when reading your reviews on The Knot and WeddingWire and, ultimately, will encourage them to revisit your Storefront and request a quote.


On your about page – The about page of your website is about you but it is also very much about your potential clients, and they visit this page for more personal reasons. Specifically, they head to your about page because they want to know if they are going to connect with you, so you want to include a review that helps them better understand your personality. Look through the reviews on your Storefronts to find the patterns about why your couples say they hire you and ask one of your past couples to record a video review about why they ultimately did as well as why they clicked with you.


On your services page – Your services page is where potential clients go to better understand what you can do for them. So, if you are thinking about including a video here, pick one that is about a client transformation. For example, of a past client talking about how they wanted X or were worried about Y and how you made it happen or helped them through it.


On your portfolio page – The portfolio section or pages of your website are another great place to think about including a strategic review because you can juxtapose the client’s words with visuals from their actual wedding day. We recommend selecting reviews and videos from your best or most ideal clients and having it be about what it was like working with you (focused on the experience your potential couples want to have).


On your testimonials page – You might be wondering why we included the most obvious of website pages in this list, but there is a reason. It can be tempting to have your testimonials page be a long, scrolling page of copy—but that isn’t terribly exciting. You can use video reviews to break up the formatting and make the page more interesting.


Pro-tip: Install the review widgets on either your service or about page to link to your reviews on The Knot and WeddingWire.


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