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Meet the 2021 WeddingPro Educators

Meet the 2021 WeddingPro Educators

At WeddingPro, we’re always on a mission to empower local wedding pros and elevate the industry through actionable, thought-provoking education. To help us do that even further in 2021, we’re excited to add some new faces to the WeddingPro Educator group. These wedding industry pros (who live all across the country and represent a mix of styles, budgets, backgrounds and experiences) share our mission to elevate the industry through education and local wedding community development. They’ll share their insights and expertise with us throughout the year during webinars, speaking engagements, blog posts and more. It’s time to meet our amazing lineup of 2021 educators below!


Alan Berg, CSP

Alan Berg | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… honesty and integrity.

My clients are… creative, hardworking and dedicated.

If I could… get to present in Africa it would be my 6th continent! I don’t think Antarctica will happen.

One time I… decided to teach myself Spanish. I’ve now presented in Spanish in 5 countries (6 if you count remote presenting).That led to me now learning French. Maybe one day I’ll give presentations in French!

Wedding Business Solutions LLC | @alanberg


Aleya Harris, CPCE

Aleya Harris | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… helping others become the version of themselves that is more capable of handling the journey towards their ultimate goals.

My clients are… heart-centered, motivated, curious, and goal-getters.

If I could… have one superpower, it would be to speak, read, and write in every language.

One time I… I was the only audience member for a Stevie Wonder + The Mormon Tabernacle Choir performance.

Flourish Marketing | @aleyaharris | | @thesocialmediapantry


Amy Shey Jacobs

Amy Shey Jacobs | WeddinngPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… Positivity

My clients are… refined, warm, creative and understatedly elegant.

If I could… have my cake and eat it too, I would. I want to live life to its very fullest!

One time I… threw a wedding on The View where Barbara Walters married Mayor Michael Bloomberg at Gracie Mansion carrying a Lady Liberty torch of flowers by the impeccable David Beahm.

Chandelier Events | Don’t Let the Day Go By | @chandelierevent | @dontletthedaygoby


Andrea Eppolito

Andrea Eppolito | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… the relentless pursuit of beauty.

My clients are… people who lead extraordinary lives.

If I could… turn back time, I would have one more conversation with my father.

Andrea Eppolito Events | @andreaeppolito


Beth Chapman

Beth Chapman | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… authenticity

My clients are… timeless and classic, yet fashionable.

If I could… be granted one talent, I would want to be able to sing!

One time I…  left my high six figure career to open a bridal shop!

Beth Chapman Styling + Consulting | The White Dress by the Shore | @bethchapmanstyling | @thewhitedress 


Bethel Nathan

Bethel Nathan | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… a world where empathy is the norm and where we lead with kindness and thoughtfulness.

My clients are… CBB: couples who have an awesome relationship and cannot wait to celebrate that in a personal and meaningful and fun way, and, therefore, is worthy of what they share. EBB: wedding pros who are great what they do and now want to elevate their business, leading to whatever success means to them.

If I could… move anywhere, I would be in one of three places: (you stole my answer!) Florence, Italy, Melbourne, Australia, or Kona, Hawaii.

One time I… walked with three elephants in the Botswana bush, leading one of them with its trunk on my shoulder.

Elevate by Bethel | Ceremonies by Bethel | @elevatebybethel | @bethelnathan


Bron Hansboro
Bronn Hansboro WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… celebrating individuality and supporting personal growth journeys.

My clients are… kind, detailed, trusting and fabulous.

If I could… give meaningful advice to fellow pros, it would be to rediscover what makes you the best version of yourself.

One time I… cared a lot about what others think of me….

The Flower Guy Bron | @theflowerguybron


Chris Jespersen

Chris Jespersen | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… celebration.

My clients are… recognized for their accomplishments in politics, athletics, business, fashion, and the entertainment industry.

If I could… I would install an Italian wood-burning pizza oven in my kitchen.

One time I… danced for 6 hours straight!

Storybox Cinema | Chapter One Photo and Video | The Madison Venue | @cjespersen


Clara Hough

Clara Hough | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… loyalty & hard work.

My clients are… the driving force that inspires my creativity.

If I could… I would learn to speak every language.

One time I… was kissed by Hugh Jackman.

House of Hough | @houseofhough


Desireé M Dent

Desiree Dent | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… positivity and purpose.

My clients are… ready to enjoy their family and friends, plus celebrate with no worries.

If I could… eat cupcakes with lots of buttercream frosting, I would!

One time I… started a creative business and have been hooked ever since.

Dejanae Events LLC | @dejanaeevents


Gurminder Banga

Gurminder Banga | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… universal oneness.

My clients are… intentional with how they want to design their life.

If I could… backpack anywhere tomorrow I would start in Antarctica.

One time I… had to postpone our wedding due to Covid.

Banga Studios | @g.banga


Jacqueline Hill

Jacqueline Hill | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… integrity.

My clients are… thoughtful, trusting, and tasteful.

If I could… be at my son’s baseball game every night, I would be yelling proud!

One time I… performed a showcase at the Olympics!

Jacqueline Events & Design | @jacquelineevents


Jasmine Smith

Jasmine Smith | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… showing up with grace and certainty.

My clients are… smart, savvy but rely completely on my expertise.

If I could… eat french fries everyday, I would. Preferably ones made with truffle oil.

One time I… went on vacation without my laptop and it was a life-changing experience.



Jason Rhee

Jason Rhee | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… letting everyone be seen and heard and truly having not just a seat, but a chair, plate, rsvp at the “table”.

My clients are… couples who truly care about the experience not just for themselves but for their family and friends.

If I could… eat French fries and potato chips all day, I would.

One time I… planned a dinner party with a celebrity chimpanzee.

Rheefined Company | @jasonROARS | @therheefined


Jove Meyer

Jove Meyer | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… love!!!

My clients are… creative, thoughtful and fabulous!!!

If I could… have dinner with anyone it would be Oprah!

One time I… volunteered in Guatemala for a month!

Jove Meyer Events | @jovemeyer


Kaleigh Wiese

Kaleigh Wiese | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… authenticity and empathy.

My clients are… ones who desire to serve, lead and inspire.

If I could… teleport, I would bring all my friends and family my favorite meals from Austin [where I live] and have ongoing dinner dates!

One time I… took a last minute 36 hour trip to London to explore the city!

Visual Brand Strategist & Méldeen Owner | @gokaleigh | @meldeen


Kathryn Hamm

Kathrynn Hamm | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… love & compassion.

My clients are… curious, dynamic & entrepreneurial.

If I could… I would heal and make reparations for the devastating impact of slavery and racism in this world in one fell swoop. But, for now, I’m doing what I can as an individual to be part of the change & healing.

One time I… stood on the steps of the US Supreme Court as they announced marriage equality as the law of the land. It was a joyous moment and one I was proud to share with a number of my WeddingWire colleagues.

Made By Kathryn | @mbkinsights


Kinsey Roberts

Kinsey Roberts | WeddingPro 2021 Educators

I stand for… honesty and loyalty.

My clients are… incredibly kind humans with a flare for rustic, wild luxury.

If I could… only eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be chips and salsa with a side of Blue Raspberry Sour Punch straws. (try not to judge me too harshly, HA!)

One time I… leant a pair of my Spanx to a bridesmaid who asked. The extra mile is never crowded…..the extra mile is also super secure under its dress. LOL.

She Creates Business | Vista View Events | @shecreatesbusiness

Kirsten Palladino

Kirsten Palladino | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… inclusivity and authenticity.

My clients are… love champions and equality enthusiasts.

If I could… move anywhere tomorrow, I’d move my family to a charming seaside village in Italy.

One time I… did a vision quest in a Mexican desert.

Equally Wed | Equally Wed Pro | @equallywed | @equallywedpro


Kristin Wilson

Kristin Wilson | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… inclusion and female empowerment.

My clients are… so in love with love that nothing else matters except their celebration of life together.

If I could… instill the values that I’ve learned that each person has the power to create their own path to success no matter their background or upbringing.

One time I… successfully DJ’d an entire ceremony out of the back of my truck because we lost power at the venue!

Our DJ Rocks | Photobooth Rocks  | @ourdjrocks | @photoboothrocks


Krysta York

Krysta York | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… consistency.

My clients are… fun, ambitious, outgoing, and genuine.

If I could… own any other business it would be a winery.

One time I… I went down a waterfall on the White Salmon River in a raft.

Charlotte’s Weddings | @krystaleighmac


Kunbi Odubogun

Kunbi Odubogun | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… authenticity.

My clients are… passion-driven.

If I could… be anywhere in the world right now it would be Bora Bora.

One time I… literally booked a flight and flew home to Nigeria for 36 hours.

Legally Set | Perfête | @kunbithecurator


Leah Weinberg

Leah Weinberg | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… authenticity, hospitality, loyalty, and honesty.

My clients are… thoughtful, intentional, hospitable, and wanting a wedding that feels like them.

If I could… travel anywhere tomorrow, it would be to Venice, Italy.

One time I… photographed an Oasis concert in Rome for a music magazine.

Color Pop Events | @colorpopevents


Lindsay Longacre & Heather Hoesch

Planner Life Academy | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

We stand for… community over competition.

Our clients are… down to earth and love a good dance party.

If we could… we would convince every person that they have the confidence to chase their dreams.

One time we… planned 140 weddings in one year.

Planner Life Academy | LVL Weddings & Events | @plannerlifeacademy | @lvlweddings


Lindsey Conklin

Lindsey Conklin | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… family.

My clients are… the reason I get to live my dreams and do what I love.

If I could… do it all over again, I totally would.

One time I… had a conversation with Jeff Bezos but had no idea who I was talking to.

Le Rêve Films | @lerevefilms


Manolo Doreste

Manolo Doreste | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… love, laughter & personal growth.

My clients are… fun and love life.

If I could… be on broadway, watch out Lin Manuel Miranda!

One time I… met the cast of Hamilton.

Manolo Doreste Photographer | @manolodoreste


Meghan Ely

Meghan Ely | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… transparency + kindness.

My clients are… the very best at what they do and care deeply about the sustainability of our industry.

If I could… go on a solo trip, I’d do my own “Royal Walkabout” in the UK to take in everything I could.

One time I… asked Alan Berg to announce me as a Grey’s Anatomy historian at a conference and regret not making that a future requirement for all speaking engagements.

OFD Consulting | @ofdconsulting


Nadia S. Anderson, CPA

Nadia Anderson | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… peace and positivity.

My clients are… the best part of the entrepreneurial experience!

If I could… I would disappear for year or two and explore the world by private yacht.

One time I… had a celebrity singer crash a wedding and join the band to serenade the couple with a special song.

Nadia S. Anderson, CPA | Virginia Grace Event Management | @nadiathecpa


Nayri Kalayjian

Nayri | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… love, humanity, and gratitude.

My clients are… the reason I strive to be the absolute best at what I do. Creating forever memories for my clients is what I live for!

If I could… drop everything and travel the world I would be on the first flight with my carryon!

One time I… decided to take a horseback riding lesson in 2016 to help with my migraines and now I own and compete nationally on two Arabian horses.

Wedding Fashion Expert of Lovella Bridal  | @weddingfashionexpert | @lovellabridal | @lovellaplus


Petronella Lugemwa

 Petronella Lugemwa | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… authentically celebrating love, culture & family through vibrant, emotional stories.

My clients are… the best at what they do, value family, travel & authenticity, lead very busy lives, are kind, generous, know what they want & have an understated elegant style.

If I could… appear on any television, it would be “So you think you can dance” or “Dancing with the Stars”.

One time I… went on a trip where a group of us didn’t know where we were going until we got to the airport. The final destination was Australia.

Petronella Photography | @petronellaphotography


Terri Baskin

Terri Baskin | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… ensuring my couples are able to see their authentic selves through my images.

My clients are… sophisticated in their style, yet joyful in their romance.

If I could… be anywhere right now, it would be a beach.

One time I… snuck to Paris, France to photograph an elopement. As beautiful of an experience as it was, I had to hold the secret from everyone for 2 months!

Terri Baskin Photography | @terribaskin



Terrica | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… fierceness.

My clients are… refined, in love and the life of the party.

If I could… travel the world with my kids, I’d have left yesterday.

One time I… got on stage and performed with a drag queen.

Cocktails & Details® | Terrica Inc. | @cocktailterrica


Tom Chelednik

Tom Chelednik | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… integrity, love and making a difference

My clients are… Wedding Professionals who are open to discussion about improving their business by taking action.

If I could… I would save the world one wedding professional at a time 🙂

One time I… was in a movie.

Treasury Venue Collection | @tom_chelednik


Troy Adams

Troy Adams | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… LOVE.

My clients are… bold, adventurous, authentic, inviting, elegant & diverse. And I help them feel relaxed, energized and prepared.

If I could… be on a beach, mountain, golf course or dance floor right now I would.

One time I… auditioned for the boy band O-Town. Clearly my behind-the-booth DJ moves didn’t translate.

Carolina DJ Professionals | Make Your Life Dance | @carolinadjpros | @djtroyadams


Vanessa Joy

Vanessa Joy | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… grace and love.

My clients are… sophisticated but fun, elegant but down to earth.

If I could… freeze time, I would.

One time I… lived in Brazil for six weeks and learned Portuguese.

Vanessa Joy Photography | @vanessajoy


Yasmeen Tadia

Yasmeen Tadia | WeddingPro 2021 Educator

I stand for… making life a little sweeter.

My clients are… looking for experiences that they have never seen before.

If I could… rule the world, I would bring everyone together to celebrate our similarities instead of focusing on fighting over our differences.

One time I… quit my entire career in corporate America while being a single mom to a 3 year old to create a cotton candy company.

Make Your Life Sweeter® | @makeyourlifesweeter | @yasmeentadia



Photo Credit: ColorJoy Stock

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