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Meet the WeddingPro Educators for 2019!


We’re on a mission to elevate, educate and empower our industry and each and every local wedding business to work with more of the couples right for them. As a result, we’re expanding our roster of industry educators this year with a new group of wedding pros called WeddingPro Educators. These wedding industry pros (who live all across the country and represent a mix of styles, budgets, backgrounds and experiences) share our mission to elevate the weddings industry through education and local wedding community development. They’ll share their insights and expertise with us throughout the year through webinars, speaking engagements, blog posts and more. Meet our fabulous new educators for 2019 below!


Bands & DJs

Brian Buonassissi, DJ Brian Official










Personal Motto: Memories are only as good as you dance to them.

Top 3 Obsessions: Music (duh), MQMs, Massages

2019 Resolution: Create deeper relationships with wedding pros.


Jason Jani, SCE Event Group







Personal Motto: If you want something in life, anything is possible – you just have to do the work, never settle and #makeithappen.

Top 3 Obsessions: In no particular order…
1. A growing super swag sneaker collection.
2. My podcast loaded with real talk and dope mix content.
3. Everything associated with creating mind bending events.

2019 Resolution: To inspire event professionals to push the creative bar forward while being the best human possible.


Dan Quinn, DQB Entertainment










Personal Motto: Create Experiences. Not Transactions.

Top 3 Obsessions: Massive Drops, Packed Dance Floors, Hugs

2019 Resolution: Growing my (small) team’s capabilities so that I can open up more time for creativity while remaining focused on my clients, music, and experiences.


Kristin Wilson, Our DJ Rocks

014 - GC6_7500 - Kristin Wilson










Personal Motto: Life is about moments. Don’t wait for them, create them!

Top 3 Obsessions: Music, Big Sexy Hair Spray, Going Mudding!

2019 Resolution: Recruit fierce DJs and cultivate strong leaders within our team!



Megan Garmers, MG Hair & Makeup

Personal Motto: Do all the good you can.

Top 3 Obsessions: Education, Art, Plants

2019 Resolution: Help more people reach their goals.


Brittany Lo, Beautini










Personal Motto: You have only one life to live. Dream big, love hard, and smile lots!

Top 3 Obsessions: Pizza, Law & Order SVU, SoulCycle

2019 Resolution: To dream more and to think big enough that it’s uncomfortable every day.


Bridal Salons

Beth Chapman, The White Dress by The Shore

BCcasualheashotC10 - Beth Lindsay Chapman










Personal Motto: If you are not overdressed, you are undressed.

Top 3 Obsessions: Bows, Stripes, My labradoodle, Mr. Pickles

2019 Resolution: Last year’s word of the year was clarity. This year’s is execution!


Nayri Kalayjian, Lovella Bridal

Nayri - Wedding Fashion Expert - Nayri - Wedding Fashion Expert









Personal Motto: “Do what you love, love what you do, and deliver more than you promise.”  -Harvey Mckay

Top 3 Obsessions: Quality time with people I love, My horse/Dog, Traveling

2019 Resolution: Accountability! Holding myself accountable to take action on ALL my 2019 goals!

Krysta York, Charlotte’s Weddings








Personal Motto: Live your life with intent.

Top 3 Obsessions: My two kids Liam & Declan, A ridiculously good hamburger, Traveling

2019 Resolution: To find new ways to get involved in our community more.


Cakes, Desserts & Favors

Elaine Ardizzone, Sweet Cheeks Baking, Co.








Personal Motto: Never hesitate to show kindness.

Top 3 Obsessions: Italy, My neighbor’s dog Omar, Steamed clams

2019 Resolution: Give more power to my team to let them shine; they do just fine when I’m away!


Jasmine Clouser, The Couture Cakery










Personal Motto: Be the best you can be!

Top 3 Obsessions: Cake, Cupcakes, Coffee

2019 Resolution: Work hard and be creative


Yasmeen Tadia, Make Your Life Sweeter










Personal Motto: Make your life sweeter 🙂

Top 3 Obsessions:

1) Being a single mom, of course my first obsession is my son, Zain!
2) I love creating experiences that people have never seen before.  
3) I am obsessed with pairing my love for travel with my passion for making the world a better place through my non-profit: Random Acts of Sweetness!

2019 Resolution: Every year I give myself a list of 10 dream clients.


Consultants & Publishers

Alan Berg, CSP, Global Speaking Fellow, Wedding Business Solutions LLC 


Personal Motto: I’d rather be happy and successful than be right

Obsession(s): Being better every time

The one thing you wish you knew when you started in the wedding industry?: There’s a big difference between being a wedding professional and having a successful wedding business. Those are different skills.


Nadia S. Anderson, CPA










Personal Motto: Commence! Correct! Connect!

Top 3 Obsessions: Wedding Design, Financial Fitness, My Next Meal 🙂

2019 Resolution:  Only do what only you can do.


Brittny Drye, Love, Inc.










Personal Motto: Equality-Minded™ Weddings

Top 3 Obsessions: Love, Coffee, Seasonal Themes

2019 Resolution: To educate more wedding pros on making their business more equality-minded.


Kathryn Hamm, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist, WeddingWire, Made By Kathryn


Personal Motto: Lead with love, listen with love and serve with love.

Obsession(s): Empowering others

The one thing you wish you knew when you started in the wedding industry?: How much people underestimate how hard wedding professionals work and the value of their skill sets.


Sam Jacobson, Ideaction Consulting







Personal Motto: All you can do in life is put yourself in the best spot for luck to happen to you.

Top 3 Obsessions: Outdoor adventures, Travel, My wife and kids

2019 Resolution: Put more focus on fewer things.


Meghan Ely, OFD Consulting


Personal Motto: There are no bad questions, just bad mason jars

Top 3 Obsessions: My three cats (really, all cats) and the Royal Family

The one thing you wish you knew when you started in the wedding industry?: That SnapChat would be a flop- I would have skipped learning it altogether


Julian Leaver, The Dapper Diplomat

Sara Donaldson_Julian Leaver_Personal Branding_0012 - Julian Leaver









Personal Motto: Be ready when it matters most!

Top 3 Obsessions: Travel, Bow ties, Good manners

2019 Resolution: To master the art of the pause.


Kirsten Ott Palladino, Equally Wed










Personal Motto: Love is never wasted.

Top 3 Obsessions: Coffee, Meditation, Reading

2019 Resolution: Exceed my own expectations.



Maha Abuagel, Divine Designs & Events










Personal Motto: Be Authentic. Everyone has a struggle-Be kind. Forgive & Connect.

Top 3 Obsessions:

1. Traveling is an obsession for me! It’s where I learn, experience and explore. I love touching new ground!
2. Fashion. As a Creative; being fashionable is my outlet and a way of expression to my personal style and my connection to my passion for design!
3. I love sharing- Hope/motivation/energy. I love expressing my thoughts and I love encouraging others and giving support, sharing my journey in life and my career. I think change and success is always possible in anything!

2019 Resolution: I have several goals throughout the year! I’m always looking to improve our business. I’m working on building a reputation in the Education and Speaking field, and I’m ready to start sharing my experiences and success stories. I also want to build a better system to maintain long-term relationships with my past clients and industry pros. I would like to be more selective with the events I chose to take on without hesitation and guilt. And giving high fives!!


Marcia Villiers, Beautiful Kreations

IMG_2708 - Marcia Villiers









Personal Motto: Never get turned off by a NO; it simply means Next Opportunity.

Top 3 Obsessions: Natural garden party-esque designs with a twist of modern accents thrown in, Everything Tory Burch, Organization

2019 Resolution: To continue to grow at a rate that allows for more exposure utilizing all forms of social media; attracting more affluent clients; adding to our fleet of vehicles to allow for better distribution; expanding our supplier pool to find unique products for our clients; adding to our office personnel.

Invitations & Paper

Kaleigh Wiese, Méldeen

KaleighWiese - Kaleigh Wiese









Personal Motto: The first step is the hardest: Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.

Top 3 Obsessions: New places, New people, New experiences

2019 Resolution: To encourage other event pros to be their true self and tell their unique stories loudly!




Bethel Nathan, Business Coach & Speaker, Elevate by Bethel (and Ceremonies by Bethel)


Personal Motto: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Top 3 Obsessions: Travel, wildlife, reading, My Padres (baseball)

The one thing you wish you knew when you started in the wedding industry?: That you need to constantly be re-evaluating your plans, your process, your approach. With new couples every year and an industry and technology evolving constantly, you can never ignore that part of your business, while still taking care of your current couples.

Laura Cannon, Ceremony Officiants, DC Elopements, and the International Association of Professional Wedding Officiants (IAPWO)







Personal Motto: You never know what’s coming next – tomorrow, or next lifetime. The present moment is all we ever have. THIS is it. Don’t miss it.

Top 3 Obsessions: LOVE, Yoga & meditation, Entrepreneurship

2019 Resolution: To do all that I can to support and serve professional wedding officiants as the President of the IAPWO.


Gurminder Banga, Banga Studios

GurminderBanga - Gurminder Banga







Personal Motto: Who do you want to be when you show up?

Top 3 Obsessions: 

1. Being apart of the 5 a.m. club

2. Learning from the legends, titans and change makers of our era

3. Keeping track my daily habits that once compounded shape who I have set out TO BE.

2019 Resolution: Becoming laser focused on our vision of evolving the world through human connection.

Brian Bossany, Brian Bossany Photography

Brian2019-1 - Brian Bossany







Personal Motto: Always create memorable experiences.

Top 3 Obsessions: My wife, My kids, Cooking

2019 Resolution: Work smarter, not harder.


Manolo Doreste, Manolo Doreste Photography









Personal Motto: Promoting Love

Top 3 Obsessions: Pizza, French Bulldogs, Hamilton

2019 Resolution: Grow my speaking & education opportunities.


Brittani & Jon Hon, The Hons Photo + Video

The Hons










Personal Motto: Choose your future over fear!

Top 3 Obsessions: Gucci, Massages, Flying first class

2019 Resolution: To launch our online Hustle and Flow platform to the public!


Brian Leahy, Brian Leahy Photography

Brian Leahy Square crop - Photo-820 - Brian Leahy Photo







Personal Motto: It’s no fun if it’s too easy!

Top 3 Obsessions: Chips & Salsa (that counts as 1 right?), Travel, Business

2019 Resolution: “Get Uncomfortable.” I plan on going super heavy into video content for 2019 and put myself out there a ton more than I have in the past.


Christopher Ramos, Christopher Ramos Photography










Personal Motto: Let’s make it happen!

Top 3 Obsessions: Tacos, Music, Traveling

2019 Resolution: To continue to provide my couples with the absolute best experience possible.


Vanessa Joy, Vanessa Joy Photography



Personal Motto: Work for fun

Top 3 Obsessions: Superhero movies and wine

The one thing you wish you knew when you started in the wedding industry?: It’ll be all consuming but you’ll love it!

Planners & Designers


Emily Campbell, Bella Design and Planning










Personal Motto: “Dwell in possibilities.” – Emily Dickinson

Top 3 Obsessions: Travel, My Family, My Work

2019 Resolution: To be the best leader I can to my team.


Desiree M. Dent, Dejanae Events, LLC

DMD Headshot - Desiree Dent










Personal Motto: Live everyday like it’s your birthday! Your life is worth celebrating. And eat the cake…always eat the cake!

Top 3 Obsessions:

1. Raising my daughter to be a respectable young woman

2. My paper planner and Washi tape

3. Taking photos and capturing video memories of life’s greatest moments with family and friends

2019 Resolution: I don’t make resolutions, but I promise myself to continue sharing industry knowledge with new and aspiring planners through the development of useful and affordable resources.

Andrea Eppolito, Andrea Eppolito Events










Personal Motto: You cannot beat someone who just won’t quit.

Top 3 Obsessions: Outside of weddings?!?!?  My family, Food, Chanel

2019 Resolution: Time blocking! I have several projects in the works, and I want to dedicate uninterrupted time to each of them.


Eurykah Fon Ndumu, Asheris Events Planning and Design Services

IMG_3482 - Eurykah Ndumu

Personal Motto: Bringing LIFE and ORGANIZATION into every space I am blessed to fill.

Top 3 Obsessions: Absolute Organization, Family Time, African Art

2019 Resolution: My biggest goal this year is to provide employment to 100 women.


Michelle Garibay, Michelle Garibay Events










Personal Motto: Passion means little without purpose.

Top 3 Obsessions: Trader Joe’s onion salt, Rose quartz facial roller, Lash Boost

2019 Resolution: Start a podcast with a creative partner.


JoAnn Gregoli, Elegant Occasions by JoAnn Gregoli










Personal Motto: Failure is not an option.

Top 3 Obsessions: Travel, Family, Fashion

2019 Resolution: Be passionate and make a difference in the lives you touch.


Amy Shey Jacobs, Chandelier Events

2017-03-16 WMag Amy Shey Jacobs-6







Personal Motto: Make it Elevated, Make it Emotional. Make it Matter. (Chandelier Motto); Personal Motto (I will have my cake and eat it, too)

Top 3 Obsessions: My family, Instagram inspiration, The perfect meal

2019 Resolution: Scale Up, Cultivate My Team + Continue to To Build the Chandelier Legacy (Make the “Talk Party to Me” Podcast, Book, Show a reality); Also, find time to launch a new website and do more TV appearances!


Lindsay Landman, Lindsay Landman Events

hi res headshot 2016 - Lindsay Landman







Personal Motto: If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.

Top 3 Obsessions: Properly used semi-colons, Well-styled bookshelves, The chocolate brioche from Levain Bakery

2019 Resolution: Design events and run my business with less inhibition. A.k.a. get out of my own damn way!


Jove Meyer, Jove Meyer Events










Personal Motto: You Do You Boo!

Top 3 Obsessions: My pups Sadie and Sausage, Yoga, Chocolate Chip Cookies

2019 Resolution: To be more present with myself, my friends and my couples!


Terrica Skaggs, Cocktails & Details








Aleah & Nick Valley, Valley & Co. Events










Personal Motto: Dream big and celebrate!

Top 3 Obsessions: Travel, Our kiddos, Inventive food!

2019 Resolution: To continue to elevate our client experience, create a warm community, and elevate everything we do!



Jennifer Gilman, Prime Time Party Rental 

Personal Motto: Never let good enough be good enough.

Top 3 Obsessions:

1. Building a story-brand. Simplify and strengthen my brand’s messaging through the power of storytelling.

  1. Video or live feeds.  I currently stink at them but am forcing myself to not only start doing them , but to also do them well.
  2. Swimming…I try to swim laps 3-4x per week.  Not only is it good exercise, but I do some of my best brainstorming doing laps.  It’s like when great ideas come to you in the shower!

2019 Resolution: Work smarter not harder by focusing on the 3 P’s: People, Product & Process.  I’m especially concentrating on process/procedures to create greater organizational and time efficiencies so that I can devote more time to what matters most…people!  Whether they are customers, employees or vendor partners, people are the lifeblood of every brand.


Clara Hough, House of Hough










Personal Motto: It’s never too late to be what you might have been.

Top 3 Obsessions: Entrepreneurship, Fashion, Yoga

2019 Resolution: To continue to grow the company while still providing a great work environment for our team.


Venues & Catering

Amanda Bradham-Little, 23 City Blocks Catering

109A3000 - Amanda Bradham-Little

Personal Motto: Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded.

Top 3 Obsessions: Apples (computers and fruit), Dresses, Statement Earrings

2019 Resolution: 2019 is the year of off-loading! It’s time to hire another me and find a little balance. My favorite current quote is, “Never get so busy making a living, you forget to make a life.”


Brent Bogan, The Chicory

BB HEADSHOT - Brent Bogan







Personal Motto: We only get one life to live. Live it out loud.

Top 3 Obsessions: The Real Housewives, My dogs, Man broaches

2019 Resolution: To build new and better relationships with existing and upcoming vendors.



Lindsey Conklin, Le Rêve Films







Personal Motto: Make ‘em laugh

Top 3 Obsessions: My wife and kids, Skill-based tailgating games, Having more than 3 obsessions

2019 Resolution: I’m not really one for New Year’s Resolutions. I prefer to be resolved each day to make the most of the time and opportunities I’ve been given.


Matthew Gencarella, byDesign Films









Personal Motto: Short motto: Caffeinated Wife = Happy Life | Long motto: Success in business is found through setting the goal of where you want to be in the coming years, then following through on the daily grind. When you follow through on a daily basis you will find yourself where you want to be and look back on years of small successes that built upon each other and landed you where you wanted to be.

2019 Resolution: 

2 things:
1. Provide unparalleled customer support and care for every client byDesign works with.
2. Build strong and long-lasting partnerships with amazing industry professionals across the nation. I firmly believe that great partnerships can provide a significantly better client experience.

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