Between running a business and planning incredible parties, the wedding pros who serve the rich and famous certainly lead interesting lives (follow any of them on Instagram and you’ll see what we’re talking about). But truthfully, the pros who plan the most extravagant parties really aren’t all that different from everyone else. That is especially true when you ask them to take an interview in bed. To prove it, WeddingPro presents the On a Bed series.

We asked our good friend, Brooklyn-based wedding designer and planner Jove Meyer of Jove Meyer Events to join us for an interview. Jove is not only a total wedding style trend-setter, he’s an LGBTQ+ advocate and makes it his mission to help educate the weddings an events industry on how to connect better with LGBTQ+ couples. He also happens to have been the designer and planner of this year’s 10th annual The Knot Gala. You’ll learn everything from how Jove recharges, to his dirty secret of not liking cake and why nobody likes a jerk.