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Marketing to High End Couples


 Marketing tips, advice and strategies to try

Every wedding pro has a unique set of goals for their business, not to mention a unique perspective on who they consider to be their ideal client. And, while many of you love working with couples on intimate and very personal weddings, there is another type of client that we see some pros adding to their would-love-to-work-with list—couples with bigger budgets and bigger expectations. If this sounds familiar (or perhaps it’s even on your goal list for next booking season), we wanted to talk through the nuances of refining both your brand and marketing plan to make sure you have what you need to attract this new ideal client type. Read on to learn more about marketing to high end couples and then start making moves because change doesn’t happen overnight.

Create an ideal client avatar

Before we dive into sharing marketing tips and strategies to help you attract a higher-end couple, it’s really important that you not skip this step. Because, when it comes to marketing your wedding business (successfully and with as much precision as possible), it starts with a clear understanding of who you are marketing to and what they need. So, the first step you need to take is to create an ideal client avatar for the bride or couple you have in mind. 

If you’ve never done this exercise before, no need to worry—it’s a straightforward process and having it done will help you define the rest of your marketing plan. Your ideal client avatar should include a name, picture of, bullet point lists of details, and a short story about what a typical day might be for this person. You can base it on a real client you’ve worked with in the past or make a few educated guesses about who they might be (just be sure to make adjustments when you have more accurate data in the future). So, what should you include? Here is a list to get you started and on your way:

  • Demographics about them (age, gender, occupation, income, location, etc.)
  • What their overall budget for their wedding is
  • What they are willing to spend on your services
  • What their interests, personality traits, etc. are
  • What their style is (in general and in regards to their wedding)
  • What they expect in terms of a client experience
  • What they consider success to be for their wedding
  • What they worry about when it comes to their wedding

Do a brand audit

Once you’ve spent time getting to know your version of a higher-end client, it’s time to make refinements to your brand. Start by putting yourself in their shoes and auditing the main components of your brand and where you are putting it out there:

  • Your Storefronts
  • Your website
  • Your social media presence

Is what you see what your brand needs to be when marketing to high end couples? It likely is in some ways and also likely has some room for refinement. And, in addition to making sure your visual brand (your logo, brand colors, fonts, and images you use) are in line with this updated ideal client, be sure that the description on your Storefronts is written in a way that makes the strong first impression you need.

Marketing tips 

Marketing to high end couples doesn’t require a hugely different approach to how you might already market your wedding business because a strong marketing plan is based on foundational principles: consistency in execution, regular reviews of the data, and a continual effort to personalize the content you create. But when it comes to making meaningful changes that will help you attract this particular ideal client, you should:

  • Choose a few marketing channels to go deep on and relieve yourself of the pressure to be everywhere, all of the time. Figure out the channels they are most likely to be on and commit to those 
  • Be consistent in order to reflect your professionalism and client experience (if you struggle with this, it is time to get yourself on a social media scheduling platform) 

Pro-tip: You can log into your Storefronts and view your Visitor Log to see what actions couples are taking on your specific profile. If there is a certain action you’d like to see more of, take an objective look at your profile to try and identify where you can make refinements that might better speak to a higher-end couple. 

Content to create for a higher end couples

If we had to guess what you might be wanting at this point, it would certainly be content ideas. Because, when most of your creative energy is spent on your couples (and your time in general is limited with everything else you have to do), having a list of ideas to make your own can be the difference between getting it done and not. So, here are some ideas to help you create content that will help you market to this new ideal client avatar of yours:

  • Write a blog post that talks about your client experience
  • Write a blog post that overviews your process (and the value of what you bring to the table)
  • Update your Storefronts with images that match this ideal client’s style
  • Write a description for your Storefronts that includes something making it clear you understand what they are worried about as well as what their version of success is
  • Share client reviews that demonstrate how you have eliminated worries for clients in the past who want what they want

If working with higher-end couples is on your goal list for this year (or the next) we encourage you to reserve the time you need to level up on your calendar. Take some time to dig into marketing ideas for your wedding business here and data about higher-end couples

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