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Email Templates to Answer “How Much Do Your Services Cost?”

Email templates for couple going over their budget

Reply to pricing questions with confidence 


Of all the questions you get asked by potential clients, there is one whose answer is particularly important. And even though it might come in one of many forms, you know it when you hear it. How much are your services? Why are your rates higher than this other vendor I spoke with? I don’t need your full package, can we cut some hours? And as much as you know it’s coming, you might not always be prepared with the most eloquent and convincing reply—so let’s change that! 

Next time you find yourself being asked to share your rates, “justify” your prices or lower them for a couple’s budget, use these email templates to craft the perfect response. Read on (and get ready to copy and paste) for the swipe copy you need to navigate these delicate but important conversations about pricing.


*Note: These email templates cover the meat of what you should communicate; they are not complete emails in and of themselves. Be sure to add a welcome/opening, closing and whatever additional information is needed.


How much are your services?

Prices for my/our TYPE OF SERVICES services start at DOLLAR AMOUNT. Couples who work with us typically spend DOLLAR AMOUNT for a wedding that includes DETAIL, GUEST COUNT and DETAIL. I’d love to share more specifics about what my/our services would cost for what you are envisioning, and I’ve attached a PDF to start that conversation. If after reviewing it you feel like I/we are a good fit, let’s have a chat! 

LOW COMMITMENT QUESTION [ex. How many guests are you expecting to attend?]


What price ranges, packages and other products do you offer?

My/our packages and prices get refined every season in order to make sure I/We am/are serving my/our couples the very best I/we can! That being said, you can find the most up-to-date and comprehensive information about it all on this page of our website [INSERT LINK] OR in the PDF attached to this email. If after reviewing it you feel like I/we are a good fit, let’s have a chat! 

LOW COMMITMENT QUESTION [ex. Will you be having your ceremony and reception at the same location?]


What’s included in your rates/packages?

The way I/we work with each of our couples is different (based on your needs) but these are the things I/we am/are always sure to deliver: excellent customer service, a streamlined process while working together, collaboration and professionalism. In terms of the PACKAGE we have been speaking about, you can expect [LIST DETAILS]. 

LOW COMMITMENT QUESTION [ex. Does that sound like it will work with your budget?]

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Why are you more expensive than other wedding vendors I’ve spoken with? 

A lot of what goes into pricing is dependent on how people run their businesses. And while I can’t speak to how the other vendors you’ve spoken with operate theirs, I can assure you my rates are based on my/our years of experience, my/our expertise, my/our availability and the quality of the services I/we provide.

LOW COMMITMENT QUESTION [ex. What are the most important factors when choosing your TYPE OF SERVICE?]

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Do you offer discounts?

My/our prices are based on my/our years of experience, our expertise, our availability and the quality of the services we provide. And while we don’t offer discounts, I am more than happy to discuss setting up a payment plan or ways we can ensure you’re getting the most out of your budget!

LOW COMMITMENT QUESTION [ex. Were you referred to us by a friend/relative?]

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I only need you for 4 hours, can we customize your 8-hour package to be less?

I’m/we’re happy to discuss a custom package for you, but experience has taught me/us that 8-hours of coverage on your wedding day is what allows me/us to capture everything you are hoping for! Reducing the number of hours means I/we can’t capture as many family portraits, getting ready shots and images of everything you’ve worked hard to create at your venue—it also limits me/us to one location.

LOW COMMITMENT QUESTION [ex. I see that you’ve chosen VENUE LOCATION. That’s great! Have you already reserved with them, or are you still working on that?]


Are there any other fees not included in the cost?

The prices you’ll see on your proposal and invoice include everything (service rates, taxes and fees), and there are just a couple of things that might shift in the process. One example is travel fees (for which I will provide receipts for reimbursement). Another is if the guest or table count increases and we need to account for that. The other is if you choose to leave a tip at the end of your wedding.

LOW COMMITMENT QUESTION [ex. Have you seen us before at a wedding?]


Can we come up with a payment plan?

I’m/we’re happy to put together a payment plan for you! I/we still require a PERCENTAGE deposit and final balance due DETAILS OF WHEN IT’S DUE—but we can definitely split up the progress payments from NUMBER to NUMBER for you. 

LOW COMMITMENT QUESTION [ex. We’re available on your date. Have you already reserved a venue, or are you still working on that?]


I was referred to you by my friend, and they told me you charged $X. Why did your prices go up?

Every wedding I/we do is different—there are so many moving parts! And all those moving parts influence my/our pricing in different ways. That being said, there are a couple of reasons my/our rates are different than they were when I/we worked with your friend. What they envisioned and needed for their wedding was different from what we have been chatting about (guest count, location, season, etc. all impact my/our price of services). We also have increased my/our rates to cover the cost of inflation (as my/our costs to create have increased, I’ve/we’ve needed to adjust accordingly).

LOW COMMITMENT QUESTION [ex. Have you already reserved a venue or were you looking for us to find you a great one?]


How much do couples spend with you on average?

The way I/we work with each couple is slightly different (depending on what they need, their venue, guest count, etc.), but on average my/our couples spend DOLLAR AMOUNT with me/us. They also typically are spending about DOLLAR AMOUNT on their wedding in total. 

LOW COMMITMENT QUESTION [ex. Is GUEST COUNT still your expected guest count?]


Pricing is something every wedding pro has constant questions about, and we are here to support you! If after bookmarking this piece you want to dive deeper into some of the complicated topics, be sure to read our sales tips to help you talk about pricing, advice to help you educate your couples about pricing, and final thoughts to help you talk about price increases. 

Please note: WeddingPro and the materials and information it contains are not intended to, and do not constitute, legal, financial or tax advice and should not be used as such. You should always consult with your legal, financial and tax advisors about your specific circumstances. This information contained herein is not necessarily exhaustive, complete, accurate or up to date and we undertake no responsibility to update. In addition, we do not take responsibility for information contained in any external links, over which we have no control.

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